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Because Lord Sri Krishna married 16,108 wives!
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NOTE: This website has not been updated very often. Got to be once a year, at best. I still hope to someday get the time to update it more often. I was in the middle of a Major update to the site, but could not complete it right away as i decided to first complete another project first at when i get time i will do more here, especially to help launch the new presentation i am developing at
In the mean time, take a look at a new (old images) show on Karma / cow killing I just made, no sound track yet... My plan is to someday put up all the exhibits from LA and Detroit in online shows, as well as make a BG show from paintings, etc.

My two latest articles on the DOM
ISKCON Law : Is The "Direction Of Management" A 'Legal' Document?
GBC Elections & Term Limits : Detrimental Or Beneficial?

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The above videos are a Must See for all SP's followers. Click for more infomation
DEFENDING Srila Prabhupad's Position

The Amish - Learning From The Plain People
My 2006 VyasPuja Offering to Srila Prabhupad's Lotus Feet

Rtvik - Guru & GBC Management
(On-Going) Issues

Other Current Artilces

Chakra: Rebuttal & More »

I added this page to provide a quick access to the basic points I make regarding the Rtvik issue, as well as provide some basic questions I ask those who think otherwise to answer. More >>>
In the May 28th, 1977, conversation Srila Prabhupad had said, "When I order, 'You become guru', he becomes regular guru. That’s all". The GBC state that the order was given by Srila Prabhupad many times, that he wanted us all to become guru. I fully support this idea that we can and should become regular guru. I encourage all my godbrothers, if they are confident they meet the qualifications, then by all means, become "regular guru". More >>>

» The GBC has stringently and harshly ruled that an on-going rtvik process of initiations on behalf of Srila Prabhupad is inherently and completely bogus. They have ruled that it is a most serious and dangerous deviation. However, the foundation for this view is not as it may seem.

Not only has the GBC not found shastric support for it's position, it's stringent position defies our logical analysis.

On the otherhand, there is solid foundation for an on-going Rtvik process.

We encourage ISKCON gurus to become "regular gurus", and at the same time we support an on-going Rtvik process. We purpose that one does not negate the other. More >>>

July 8th, 2006. The DOM has finally gained public notice and many devotees have taken up the isuse. (See Direction Of Management). In this section I have written several articles on the topic on The Amazing DOM, ISKCON's Bright Future, and Were the GBC of the 1970's capable of Hiding the DOM? We have posted an email by NaraNarayan V. Prabhu who wrote a preliminary historical account of the DOM papers, The Chronology of the DOM. The Direction of Management is a very important paper Srila Prabhupad wrote in 1970 giving the direction of how the management of ISKCON and the GBC was to be set up and run. This was NEVER implemented, despite Srila Prabhupad's long-standing instructions that it be so. This topic is important, please read further. More >>>
For over a period of 2-3 years I have tried to engage my senior GBC godbrothers in a discussion on the topic of restoring the duties of the GBC system of management to what they were in 1977 when Srila Prabhupad stated in his last declaration of will, “The system of management will continue as it is now. There is no need of any change.” I presented strong argument to the GBC that it has changed, and changed drastcally. I have called on them to discuss this matter with me further. I sent numerous emails and wrote a number of similar articles begging for a response. Despite my numerous emails Not Even One of the GBC replied. Not one answer to any of my questions. I wrote again stating that if they again did not reply that I could reach no other conclusion then to interpret their lack of response as their admitted defeat, by default. More >>>
For many years now Mother Madhusudani Radha of Chakra has banned me from posting articles on the Charka website. Why? Because on my website I promote Srila Prabhupad's favorable instructions regarding dharma and polygamy. About 4 years ago she and I, along with a number of other devotees had, a run-in on the internet over dharma issues but mostly over and her friend's remarks on the old COM (now PAMHO) conferences where very derogatory remarks were made against Srila Prabhupad - which she defended under the flag of 'freedom of speech'. On July 17th, 2006, several more articles on Chakra were posted attacking Srila Prabhupad's dharmic instructions regarding the marriage of our daughters. Since I promote these dharma values that Srila Prabhupad instructed us to follow, the Chakra articles also attacked me personally. Since I cannot publish any rebuttal on their website I am left to do so here. More >>>

Remeberance stories of Srila Prabhupad
Latest Addition: Yasya Prasadad Bhagavat Prasado - December 24, 2004
My personal story how I came to Krsna Consciousness
Bhakti-Vedanta Pur [Bhakti-Vedanta City] -

The beginning of a complete presentation on developing a true and actual Self-Sufficient functioning Vedic Village - farming - Community.

A detailed outline of the community's development plans. The complete civil engineering will be presented, as well as the social engineering. How it will function, both in practical terms of types of occupations - how members of the community will earn their livelihoods - as well as the social cultural and social standards or social structure as well. Why it is needed and why the modern society is inferior. Schools and how they are to be structured. As well as the governing of the village community.

Of course I will be open to input from others, but, I have a keen vision of what I want the community to be, and how it must be developed - which is the result of much contemplation on the topic for many decades. It is time to start putting all that planning and thinking to work and start working seriously toward doing it.

The point of this presentation will be to interest people both currently within ISKCON and also currently outside to donate the needed funds to creat the first functioning working model community. The first community (communities) will need to also include exhibits, etc.

This is a most important project - and my time is limited right now, but please stay tuned. Donations toward this project are always welcome. A Trust-Fund account will be opened and donations will be able to be made toward that fund. A full account would then be posted on the web detailing where those funds go. - Stay tuned - but progress will be slow at first due to my lack of time to dedicate toward this.

Main Dharma Index Page
Child Brides - Rebutal of a news article opposed to the religious form of marriage Dec/2004.
Dharma: Marraige of the Daughter
revised 2004
For Fathers / Parents / Temple Authorities
Dharma of Social Government. First article started (New Vedic Order), no where near complete.[ Somewhat related article on New World Order conspiracy: Red Shield - Red Cross - Illuminati]
Guru, Shastric and Logical support for the validity and acceptance of an on-going Swami Bhaktivedanta Prabhuoad Rtvik system of initiations. Why it is bona-fide. This is the system that Srila Prabhupad had set up, and this is the system that Srila Prabhupad instructed his immediate followers to continue


"We are, therefore, In Favor of Polygamy, provided, of course, the husband is able to maintain more than one wife"*
-------A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad
(Caitanya Caritamrta Adi Lila 14.58)

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Tell me what you like or not like. I enjoy discussing Varnashram, dharma, marriage, and things like that (from Guru-Sadhu-Shastra and my realizations and perspective - no doubt). Feel free to ask questions, or discuss a point.

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I first put this website up in Oct of 1996 under kgrafx (a website under earthlink) (I did computer graphics work under kgrafx and krsna-grafx),
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In June of 2004 we setup our new home @ "16108".
I have never had all that much time to do very much with my site since it's inception in 1996. I hope to change that (someday).

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