Bhakti-Vedanta Pur

[ Bhakti-Vedanta City ]

VarnAshram-Dharma based
Fully functional and Self-Contained
Vaishnav Village Community


Here we present the foundation - join us - We will soon set up a Trust-Fund account to receive and manage donations toward seeing the idea become a reality - to fulfill the order of A. C. BhaktiVedanta Swami Prabhupad, Founder-Acharya of ISKCON, and to provide to the whole of human society a living, functioning and fully operational self-sufficient model village which can be copied and replicated all over the world - providing a spiritually charged, peaceful community where one can actually engage in the living practice of Simple Living and High Thinking



->Preliminary Contents<-

Why such a community is needed
The madness and un-natural - inharmonous cities of the present time
Simple Living - High Thinking
The means to maintain family
Guidance / Governing / Agriculture-Cows / Labor
Cottege Industry
Students, Householders, Retirement, Renounciation
Social-Religious standards in accordance with Prabhupad's instructions and Dharma-Shastra
Design - Layout
The Temple
Schools & Teachers (gurukul ashrams - university) Teaching the Varnas - The Ashrams - The Social Dharma
Village setting / Transportation / Modern Conviniences-Contraptions (Keep to the basic principles of Simple Living - High Thinking)
How the project is to be funded
For now, the immediate need is for generous donations - The first major hurdle will be the land needed.
How to promote the concept and gain interest in the project where those who have the means will feel compelled to donate the needed funds 

This section of the website is new - as of January 22, 2006
I have very limited time to work on this right now, just setting up the basic outline - nothing complete. I am traveling at the moment and do not even have the Vedabase to access.
As time and Krsna permit, I will add, change, rewrite, complete and fill in the topics below to the end of providing an in-depth foundation as to how such a project can become a reality.

    ====== left off here. incomplete, above will be edited, this is a work in progress...

    Sunday, January 22, 2006