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I, the author, am not a history expert, nor am I clairvoyant. The subject of this page deals with New-World-Order 'conspiracy' theories. (Which are much more Fact, then Theory). By their very nature NWO conspiracies, if true, operate clindestinly, secretively. Which means that the daily news on radio-TV, paper, internet, CNN, ABC, FOX, etc are not going to report about the people behind them and their latest schemes. Nor will you find their history detailed in the average common history books.

Do your own reserach on the internet and you will, nevertheless, find a flood of material. Some of it is pure speculation, some is known documented fact, some is flat out intentionally false and misleading. Disinformation propagated purposefully to confuse those trying to find the truth. Or to discredit those who are speaking out. And some is put out as pure devious hoaxes and jokes.

Where this page stands in it's research:

You are fore-warned not to quote anything on this page as proven fact. Not everything is proven fact. I have not taken the time to fully document or do indepth researches on all these things. I only care to dedicate but a very limited time to such things. Meditating directly on the pastimes of Krsna are much more enjoyable and rewarding.

I have put this out because I have no doubts about the basis of that there is an invisible society or handful of men who are trying to direct this world.

With that said, furthermore, let it be known and clearly understood that I am also engaging in some speculations (theorizing) on my own on this page.

Why? Why speculate or post information that has not been fully verified?

Because, there is enough proven fact behind these things, it is better to put out information that is intended to wake people up - even if the information is not 100 % perfectly accurate - then to simply sit quietly by simply because one is not absolutely sure everything one has to say is 100% accurate.

The benefits of informing people of the basic idea far out weighs the dangers of posting some informaton that may unknowingly be a little erroneous.

Let it be fully understood that I am not engaged in posting anything to purposefully mislead anyone.

It is posted to spawn wider-spread interest, to invoke more research, etc. And to create a mindset of awarness of what is really going on in this world, what is the driving force.

It is also my view that it is beneficial to know who is behind it, what are their goals, and most importantly what is their underlying ideology?

Why is that last part important, to know their underlying ideology?

From the Krsna Conscious view point it is important to know so that we can deal with the organizers of the NWO philosophically. So, we can preach accordingly.

This preface is given so that you can understand not everything on this page is known fact, some information is prone to error and may be far off from reality. Yet, the author has endeavored to give only factual informtion at least based on information he has gathered and on what he has concluded. This page, however, does contain speculations - as well as many real-world facts.

New World Order

Is there a seceret organization that is dictating world and social events? Or are there several societies vying for supremacy? Or are those who insist there is such a conspiracy simply crazy - paranoid lunatics, et cetera?

I, the author, have absolutely no doubt that the world has come under control of a handful of international bankers. These bankers have been using their influence for their political intrests. I understand how they obtained their power and control, and basically who they are. I have found that the history goes back over a thousand years. And it is an interesting history - worth a review here.

Before I go any further, let me also say that despite the idea that there is a clandestine government, let me state that in reality the world bankers are not really the controllers at all. There exists another even more transpartent (to the majority) controller who is the Supreme Controler of all.

Ishvar means controller, parama means supreme. Krishna (God) is the Supreme Controller over all things.

"Krsna who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes." ------ Lord Brahma - Brahma Samhita 5.1

"I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts." --- Lord Sri Krsna - Bhagavad Gita As It Is 10.8

The actions and deeds of the so-called hidden government is in actuallity small and insignificant and ultimately everything they do is under the Supreme Control of the Supreme Controller, Sri Krishna.

This is the age of Kali. Kali-yuga. It is the age of darkness. The age of hypocracy. The age of chaos. People will fight and argue over insignificant things. It is the age of gross materialism. Just as by the grace of God winter gives way to spring. By the grace of God buds come forth in abundance and burst into bloom, and out from the blooms comes forth the fruit which ripens under the rays of the sun. All of this happens under the direct control of the Supreme. Similarily the darkness of this age spreads by the will and direction of the Supreme Controller as well.

"This material nature, which is one of My energies, is working under My direction, O son of Kunti, producing all moving and nonmoving beings. Under its rule this manifestation is created and annihilated again and again." ------ Lord Sri Krsna, Bhagavad Gita As It Is 9.10

Those men who bring darkness and suffering upon the people in this age are but acting under the utimate direction of the Supreme, whether they know it or not.

From the Internet we can find a wealth of information about a hidden or secret government. About the Illuminati, Freemasonry, etc. The information is accompanied with a lot of speculation and opinion. A lot of shrouded mystery, secrecy. And, a prolific array of diverse religious views, versions and purely fanataic conjectures (including ideas that the conspiracy is led by a race of reptilian-huminoids. My view is that this aspect was introduced as 'disinformation' so as to throw off intellectuals. How they do this is to take a person with inside information and some credibility who then diseminates real factual and confirmable information along with far-fetched ideas that are so off the wall, intelligent people will simply shrug off everything as pure fanactism - so many people today tie the world bankers as controllers of the world in with this idea that reptiliean aliens landed on earth and mixed with people and that the bankers are actually reptilean huminoids - and a lot of people believe this. Even though they have valuable knowledge about how the bankers have taken over, when they start speaking about how these bankers are from a reptilean alien race, sane people laugh and dismiss the whole thing). How to tell what is what?

Some things, many things, are beyond proving or disproving. My conclusion is, however, that one should have at least a basic understanding of what is going on, it's history if for no other reason than to be prepared for what comes. But, from a Krsna Conscious point of view, so that we can preach more effectively.

I personally would not have reached my own conclusions or wrote this page had many of the diverse pieces not all fit so well. Doing so I can see an overall design. Obvsiouly, I am not herein claiming that I know all that much. I have and make no claim that all that I am presenting here is fully accurate. Some is conjecture of my own. But, what is important, in my view, is that we all need to have some overall understanding to at least get a good grasp on the idea. That is the purpose of these pages on this site.

What is amazing is that my research has taken me to a variety of seeming diverse groups that I previously thought most were totally unrelated. In fact, some are in many ways at total odds with one another. Yet, surprisingly there are very real and close relationships. Among some of the entities and events I found held close relations:

The Illuminati
The Banking Industry / Money System
Knights Templar
Rosicrucians (Red Cross)
Skull and Bones Society
Nazism & Hitler
American Civil War
the Bolshovieck War
Marxist Communism
the KKK
The World Bank
International Monetary Fund
Federal Reserve
Worship of the Sun-God
Trilateral Commission
Commission on Foreign Relations (CFR)
the Vatican and Catholism
The Mormon Church

And a whole lot more, all related events or people. Related to or with the secret or invisible government of the International Bankers.

This webpage is not going to try and present any detailed historical account. There is plethoric information out on the Internet to fill in the voids and gaps. Of course, concerning much of this it is virtually impossible to filter which is true which is speculation. But, I have seen enough to see that there definitely is a very real connection with all above.

Where to start?

Lets start with the title of this page. It also happens to be related to the path I traveled in my research. I got started because of my work marketing mortgage settlement programs. (see To understand how these programs work, one needs to understand some details about modern banking. In understanding the banking system, one comes to understand that our monetary system has been taken over by the major international bankers. This understanding got me doing research about who these bankers were, and how they took over the monetary system. That search quickly led me to the The House of "The Red Shield". What does the "Red Shield" refer to?

It refers to the last name of a very wealthy and influential banking family, the family who fathered modern international banking, the Rothschild family. (The Rothschilds have their own website and tell their own story, as polished and as cleaned up as it is, they still remain one of the most mysterious and seclusive vastly influential families of the past 200 years - see Even though the Rothschild family stands like a giant eclipsing shadow behind every major Central Bank around the globe, even though they have owned controlling intrests in most of the major financial institutions for hundreds of years, even though they have funded other banking and industrial families, and have influence over them, even though they host many secretive meetings attended by the movers and shakers of the world, you do not see their names often mentioned publicly. You do not find them at the top of Forbes most wealthy list. They are seclusive by desire and design.

The original Rothschild was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1743. His original name was: Mayer Amschel Bauer. He changed his last name to Rothschild. In German, Rotes-schild means Red Shield, Rothschild. Mayer Amschel Bauer was a Jew and one history book I read said that he adopted the Red Shield name in honor of this Jewish heritage. They trace his lineage to a sect called the "Red Jews". And the shield was said to use the Red Seal of Solomon, or the Red Star of David. Here I will interject some of my own opinion (although I found others who come to the same conclusion) that Rothschild may also have had a keen interest in the Rosicrucian ideology which was a secret order and somewhat popular at that time. The Rosicrucian fraternity in Germany was founded in the 1600's but is said to be of much older origin. Rosi-crucian means "Rose-Cross" or "Red Cross" (the word Rose means Red).

There is a strong connection with Rothschild and the Freemasons, and with the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians. Some think that the Rosicrucians and Freemasons are of Christian origin and as such, many question how a Jew could be related to such organizations. Yet, neither are actually Christian, and the Rothschilds may be of Jewish descent, they are not typical Jews. As many have commented, there are Jews, and then there are the Rothschilds.

Many of the royalty in Europe at that time (200 years ago) belonged to some similar secret society, such as the Hermetic's, Rosicrucian's, Freemasons and a number of other such secret societies.

Rothschild is said to have founded and funded a similar organization, or more properly defined, another branch of Freemasonry, which became the highest rank of the Freemasons, which was called the "Illuminati". Sometimes called the "Bavarian Illuminati" as the first order was located in Bavaria. Most historians agree that Rothschild gave direction and funding to start the Bavarian Illuminati. Illuminati means to become Enlightened. The Illuminati have played a very pivotal role in reshaping the direction of the Freemasons.

I will outline the importance of Rothschild shortly, but for now, lets give a little background to these 'secret' societies. The Rosicrucian's, the Masons, and the Knights Templar, the Illuminati etc. And, how they attracted both Christians and Jews.

What are these groups? Are they religions? Are they secret political groups? First, each do not purpose to be a religion, per say, of their own. Yet, they are religious. They require that the members believe in God as the Supreme Being. They also say that it doesn't matter what religious faith one holds. They encourage their members to remain active members of their current religion. Yet, they have their own rites and rituals, symbols etc, the details of which, both in function and in meaning, are kept secret. Only revealed on a one-on-one basis by their Grand Masters of the Order to initiated members. Yet, they say this is not a religion of it's own, and their members are encouraged to carry on with their current religious affiliations. The reason for this is clear. At least, this is my own opinion and observation. By encouraging their members to not only remain in their current religion, political party, etc., but to also encourage the members to take even pro-active rolls in their current religious and social affiliations, enables the Freemasons a chance to strongly influence and sometimes even control other religious, social and political groups unknown to the other members of those other organizations.

What if, at the founding of this country, the majority of our Founding Fathers all belonged to such a secret society? Yet, externally they continued to practice their respective faiths, and remained in their respective political parties. In such a scenario wouldn't that secret society have had a strong influenced over the direction and outcome that the new country were taking? As unbelievable as it may sound, that is exactly what happened. (see side-panel to the right)

The following excerpts are from an information page of the "Ancient Free & Accepted Masons" - of Virginia (The Freemasons) at

Freemasonry is the oldest Fraternal organization in existence. Written records about the Order date back to 1390, and the traditions of Masonry are even older. The Grand Lodge of Virginia is the oldest independent body in the United States. A roster of Masonic membership during the early years of our country reads like a study in American history. It is led by George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Chief Justice John Marshall, Edmund Randolph, and a host of signers of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Since those early years of our country's history, Masonic membership has continued to include many famous Americans, including United States Presidents, Congressmen, State Governors and other well known men in leadership positions.

...Freemasonry is not a religion. It does not promise salvation. But, while not a religion, Freemasonry is religious in the sense that Masons revere God, and urge every man to attend the Church or Synagogue of his choice. We learn that our strength is to be found in our God, no matter how we may view Him.

... In sum, Freemasonry teaches the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God, marveling at the Divine order of the universe. It brings together men of all creeds and teaches the many aspects of the Great and Golden Rule common to all Faiths.

Such is the publics face the Masons wish to show. But, on the inside we find an ideology very different then the average Christian would expect. See the text for what Adam Pike has written.

What then are their belief's? What is their idea of God? What is their relation to politics? That is as complicated and mysterious as their teachings. The side bar to the right, which is cut and paste directly from the Freemason-Virginia website (as of June 2004) tells us that many of America's founding fathers were, in fact, members of the Freemasonry. This certainly was not taught in the history books at my public school. In fact, I was never taught 'anything' about Freemasons, Rosicrucian's, even the Templar Knights, in my pubic school. Why?

Is Freemasonry political? They say not, it is "spiritual", meta-physical. Mystical. And, many say that at its core it espouses the inner and secret teachings of the Ancient Masters. Even though it may not be an actual political organization, the vast majority of their members, or at least of their Grand Masters and leaders, have also held prominent and influential posts in politics and governments. From judges, lawyers to Governors and Presidents and Kings. And, many other Grand Masters have held positions of that of spiritual teachers or advisors to political leaders in America and Europe for many 100's of years. They may not be a political group, but they have strongly influence politics world-wide for centuries.

To understand Freemasonry and it's history, we will start with the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar. This was an elite group, originally 9 celibate warrior-monks dating back to the very early 1100's. They formed just after the first Crusaders savagely slaughtered the Muslims and Jews in the Holy Land and captured Jerusalem under Christian / Catholic rule. They claimed they had formed to protect the (Catholic) pilgrims who wanted to visit the Holy Land, and thus guard the Temple of Solomon. They were monks and had taken vows of celibacy and poverty and were originally called "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon". But, a number of prominent Masons have written that this was a front. Their real intension was to try to find secrets hidden in the temple and the ruins in the surrounding grounds. According to historians and archeologists of the 19th century, they concluded the Templars were successful. Many tools used by the Templars for digging and excavating were found around the site. It is said that the Templars discovered hidden and buried teachings that changed their outlook on their Christian faith. Aside from what they found buried at the site, they also sought mystic knowledge from the Sufis, Islamic clerics, Mystic Jews and others.

Secretly, the Templar Knights began holding rituals based on the ancient teachings of the Kabala and other forms of craft which is said to have included ancient Egyptian rituals and forms of worship. The Kabbalah is said to be the pre-Old Testament Jewish teachings that predate the teachings of Moses. It is said to make use of (black) magic crafts and rituals which help one attain supernatural powers. (According to the Catholics, any magic is black magic, but that is not true. One may perform a ritual to do good or evil)

They also had plans to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in accordance with their concept of the ancient Kabbalistic teachings. This is an interesting form of Zionism - as Kabbalist are ancient Jews. Zionists are generally considered Jews who want to re-establish Jewish Jerusalem as the capitol of the world and a new world order. The Templars wanted to do the same, but, to establish this on the more ancient Kabbalist ideology - one that mixes Christianity, mysticism, Judaism, Egyptian worship etc. They take these elements to be more close to the original religion or worship of God.

But, that was their secret inner pursuit. Externally they were guarding pilgrims. And so, they requested and got recognition from the Pope for this seeming valiant service. With this recognition, and support from the Pope and St Bernard of the Catholic Church, their numbers increased rapidly. As well as did their wealth and influence. The Church claims that they had no idea what secret rituals the Templars practiced, and what religion they were actually following. Another idea is that the Vatican knew very well, and that Templars were carrying out there work under direct authority of the Vatacan. I do not have enough information to know which theory is true.

Historians tell us that during Medieval times, the Templars had assembled one of the most powerful military, commercial and financial organizations in all of Europe. Young men joined them by the 1,000's inspired to become warrior monks, spell-bound with the mystery, the mysticism, the wealth, influence, popularity and respect the Knights quickly commanded. Although the Catholic Church at the time forbade charging and earning an interest on a loan (usury, it is also forbidden by Islam, and it is forbidden by Judaic and Catholic teachings - usury is to loan money and charge an interest. Or to loan someone else's money and charge interest - banking is based on usury, which according to ancient Jewish/Catholic & Islamic scripture is a sinful act). Some historians thought that the Jews were the ones who started banking in the West, but the first real bankers were the Templars. The Templars had become so autonomous, they were exempt, by Papal order, to pay dues or taxes to any king. Although they answered only to the Pope, they were somehow able to set up a system of banking and granting of loans in which they charged extremely high interest. In less than 25 years there were 700 knights and over 2,400 servants stationed in Jerusalem alone, yet, they had by then spread all over Europe and had amassed over 3,400 castles.

Even though the Templar were considered part of the Catholic Church, for 200 years they remained a very secret society. However, there are two paths one can take in trying to understand the Templars. One is to refer to the official historical accounts that were written by, or authorized by, the Catholic Church which ruled with an iron glove over Europe at that time, and which also strictly controlled education and the official historical records. The other path is to refer to the still existent Templar organization and hear their version of history. As we shall see, the Templar Knights, once highly respected by the Church, were ultimately banned and labeled Satan worshipers. And, the reasons for the Church doing this may not be all that straight forward. The Cathloic history will be biased to show justification for their banning of the Knights, and the Knights will be biased to show their innocence. So, we will try to give a little of both sides here.

One thing both sides agree on is that the Knights Templar held secret meetings at night and engaged in secret and ancient rituals. That is agreed. But, the official history from the Vatican side tells us that, unknown to them at the time, those rituals were actually Satanic. They claim the Knights had forsaken Christ. The Templar version is that these secret rituals were mystic and based on a mixture of ancient religious ideologies, but that they always preserved their reverence and allegiance for Christ. Although, some of their Order say that they viewed Christ in a totally different way then the Church or the common man did. For that reason alone they had to keep the secrecy of their rituals and inner circle activities and ideologies airtight. The Knights had elaborate initiation ceremonies and rituals based on the Egyptian and Kabbalah teachings. Their chants and vows and the ceremonies were held at night in the doomed room of their temples. To join the Order one had to be unmarried, and take a vow never to marry. One had to be in good health, in debt to no one, without any obligations to any other entity or order. One had to cut off all dealings with family, not even write them. One had to accept the Grand Master and other Masters of the Order as their ultimate authority. One had to agree to become their fully surrendered servant. The Knights were given a deer skin to wear around their lions as a chastity belt, never to be taken off. As religious as the above sounds, one irreligious feature was the Knights felt to bath or clean themselves was considered an embarrassment. Womanly. They were supposed to be powerful men of men. Bathing was forbidden. Understanding that cleanliness is next to Godliness, this one feature may be why the Knights were not so pure and compassionate, despite their other religious adherences.

Aside from being bodily unclean, the Knights also had a passion for Gold - for wealth. And, drinking alcohol was also a part of their lifestyle.

One means of increasing their wealth was that in those days travel between cities was highly risky, especially if one were carrying money (gold or silver coins). If one wanted to travel from England to some other land, France, Italy or even to Palestine, one would go to the Templar office in London and deposit his money. The Templars would then issue an encrypted note. The traveler would travel to his destination and hand this note to the Templar's office in that land. The traveler (often bushiness men traveling to do commerce) would receive their money in coin, minus a fee. The Templars gained immense wealth as they established this system all across the Catholic Roman Empire. The Templar offices became commercial banks. The birth of the International banking system.

The Pope had given the Red Cross as the official symbol of the Knights Templar.

Around 1187, however, a Muslim ruler, Saladin (Aladin), fought to take Jerusalem back under Islamic rule, and succeeded. The Latin King was defeated and all the Templar Knights in Jerusalem were either killed in battle or captured and executed for their atrocities enacted against the Muslim people. The Templars did hang onto power in other parts of Palestine. And in Europe they aligned with King Richard the Lion-Hearted of England - who was said to have become an honorary Knight. In 1191 King Richard led another Crusade to again retake Jerusalem and this time he was accompanied by the Templar Knights. He fought Saladin in Acres and won, but was never able to retake Jerusalem. In Acres King Richard also captured 3,000 Muslims in the city and took them hostage. Over half were women and children. Asking for gold and other ransom, he threatened to kill them all if his demands were not met. Saladin agreed, but asked to be allowed to make installments. After making several installments, he was late on the next, and King Richard got upset and ordered all 3,000 Muslims slain, atop the walls of the city so that it could be witnessed by any and all. It took 3 days to behead every last woman, child and man. This was pure Barbarianism on part of the Crusaders. Even the Templars admitted the Muslims were much more civilized then they.

Yet, this points to another aspect of the Templars. Their secret teachings and rituals were not based on any one ideology, faith, doctrine or social-traditional set of rites. It was an always evolving ideology in which at different times different Grand Masters would alter their path adding pieces of this and that teachings that they found to be compatible with their ideas. In this way they also incorporated rites and ideas from the Sufis, Egyptian, Judaic, Islam, mysticism, sorcery & craft, Kabbalah all mixed with Christianity. This is what A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad would call a religious "hodge-podge".

Even though the Knights no longer guarded Jerusalem, they still had a presence in Palestine, yet in the rest of the Catholic Empire they had become virtually more powerful than any one king. By the late 1200's they had over 160,000 members, 20,000 of them were Knights. This was greater than any single Kings' army. They possessed thousands of Castles, built their own Churches and Temples - and controlled the finances and commerce of all major European countries. Over the years most of the European kings had borrowed money from the Templars and most had wound up in debt to them. Yet, they had no single country of their own. In 1291 Muslim forces again attacked Acre and the Christian armies were defeated. This time they fled and no longer did Christianity nor the Templars have any land left in Palestine or the Holy Land. After this, the Templars were left to concentrate their full effort in establishing their presence and influence even more in Europe. Both the Vatican and the European Kings began to fear them. They feared their military power, and their wealth and their control over the finances and commerce. And, everyone wondered about the mysteries of their secret rituals and vows. Were they devout Catholics and Christians, or were they sorcerers, monks of witchcraft? Did they worship the Father of Christ as God, and accept the Divinity of Jesus, or did they worship Satan?

In the early 1300's the Pope asked the Grand Master of the Order, who was residing in Cyprus, to go to France to face an investigation of their Order. On his arrival the King of France arrested him and all other Knights they could. A long list of charges were alleged, from Satanic worship, to urinating and spitting on the Catholic Cross, to homosexual lifestyle and sodomy performed in their secret rituals.

This is where the two histories differ widely. The official Catholic version is that many Knights confessed to all these atrocities. The court records recorded this. But, the Church and the French king had a lot of reason to want to discredit, disgrace and ultimately annihilate the Templars. They had long ago served their purpose and their on-going authority and stature in society was now at odds with the Church and Monarchs. There were many reasons why the Church would have fabricated the allegations and doctored the records. They had to turn public opinion against the Templars and show that they were justified for arresting them, and banning them.

The Templars say they admitted only to the practices of mysticism, but held on to the claim that they remained faithful devout Christians. They say they worshipped Baphomet. But, there is no clear idea who or what that is. According to the Catholics it was a hideous idol, large breast with a male lower body, one head with 2 faces, a goat like face, with horns. The Church says this was Satan. The Knights later denied this. Some say it could have been a mispronunciation of Mohammed. Or it could have been a Kabbalistic term for God. The Templars say many of the charges were false, but, admit, that the Church would not have approved their ideologies. That is why they remained always a secret Order.

Since the Church proclaimed the Knights had admitted to these atrocities they were able to have the Order outlawed, and sought to imprison or execute all of the Knights. Another version is that the Knights had become lax and that people had caught on to their mystic occult rites. The Church had to turn public opinion against them, else the masses may also start taking up the same occult mystic practices of the Knights.

Exactly which is true, I cannot say. There are so many opinions and views. Those who proclaim they know absolutely one way most likely do not really know.

Either way, the Church did issue a decree banning the Order, outlawing it. This banning of the Templar Knights became known as the Inquisition. It was recorded that only 600 Knights and members total were caught and either imprisoned for life or executed. However, there were over 20,000 Knights and over 160,000 members total at the time. What happened to them? Where did they go?

They scattered through-out the Empire. Many blended into society even right in their same countries. Due to their strong bodily built and muscular frames, and keen intellect many dawned the clothes and work of Masons, who were not just brick layers, but also the designers and architects and mathematicians of the day. As Masons they could freely move throughout society, even to other cities and lands. Thus, in France and England they called themselves the Free Masons. Others fled to Scotland. The king of Scotland was independent at the time. He was not under the Roman Catholic Empire. Thus, he was not under the order of the Pope. He gave sanctuary to the Knights Templar. Another place they gathered was the Confederation of the Canton, which latter became known as Switzerland. It is interesting to note that the Swiss flag adopted the Cross as their national symbol, the insignia of the Templar. Although the Templar Knights used a Red Cross on a white background, the Swiss adopted a White Cross on a Red background. The Swiss also quickly took up commerce, trade and banking just after the Inquisition and the outlawing of the Knights. It is the conclusion of many that the Swiss government was formed by the Templar, in such a way as to avoid suspicion by the Vatican. In Scotland the Knights went on to create their Scottish Rites and founded the Rosslyn Temple or Rosslyn Cathedral in Rosslin. Note, the Red Temple, and Red City. Spin offs of the Red Cross which was their insignia. (Remember Dolly, the CLONED Sheep? Ever heard of the Roslin Institute before? Roslin Scotland. Do you think that there may be more than a coincidence of the name and place? I suspect they are actually Freemasons, for if you delve into more modern (starting around 1900) history the Freemasons have had an interest in Genetics. To try and create a perfected race of humans. Cloning is of great interest to them. Genetics. Roslin Institute, right in the heart of Freemason country - it is not a coincidence).

Across the rest of Europe, especially in France and England, the Templar Knights had migrated to masonry. Some actually taking up the trades of masons for a short time. But, mostly, however, it was a front. These "masons" would hold secret meetings and they took the tools of masons, compass, square, etc., and used them symbolically to represent their secret rituals and ideologies. Thus, these masons created a fraternity of "Free masons". The Templar Knights were no longer Free, but the new "Masons" were Free. So, came about the Freemason fraternity. For some time no one noticed, no one knew. These Masons, being freemen, traveled about the countries holding their meetings and no one knew that they were the Templar Knights, in disguise. Freemasonry is based on the society of the Knights Templar. They were adept in banking, commerce along with mystic rites and the craft. For hundreds of years the Templars had great influence over the Kings of Europe and over politics, religion and especailly banking and commerce. These remained key topics of concern for the secret Freemasons.

Many Templars were also in Germany, and many historians have concluded that the Templars founded the Rosicrucian society, which was founded in the 1600's in Germany. The Templars kept alive their ideologies and craft in the secret meetings. Note the name, Rosicrucian, Rosy does not actually refer to a Rose flower, although Roses were always red until later hybrids were developed. Rosi is Red (Rose simply means Red - red-flower), Crucia is the Cross. The "Red Cross", the insignia of the Templar Knights. The Rosicrucians and the Freemasons are simply branches from the original Templars - as they had been scattered and forced totally underground by the Inquisition and forced to practice in more secrecy then ever before.

America was not immune from the influence of the Templar Knights. On the contrary. When the New World was 'discovered' and opened up, it wasn't just the Puritans or Quakers who fled to enjoy the freedom of their religion. There were many Freemasons. Or, more correctly, many of the Christians coming to the new world were actually Freemasons. But, since Freemasonry had to remain secret during that time, they came in cloaked secrecy. This element of secrecy, present in the Templar Knights and carrying on even more pronounced once they were outlawed, became a foundational principle of their society. A principle they would not shed, even when their Lodges become public, they became no more public then the Templars of old. Their rituals remained a cloaked mystery. Their inner teachings a dark secret, only revealed to the few chosen and enlightened leaders, the Masters of the craft of mysticism.

They accept that Jesus was himself such a Grand Master of the mystic craft. Thus, they do not see themselves as non-Christian, but, not all of them accept that Jesus was more divine or chosen then their current Grand Masters. Although, I would say that most Masons do revere Jesus as a special pure chosen son of God.

Remember, just as with the Templar Knights themselves, Freemasonry does not have a fixed and absolute Bible. No one fixed doctrine. Unlike adherents to the Church, Catholic or Protestant, which accepts a single fixed doctrine and Holy Bible, the Masons accept many such doctrines and many views, and it is not fixed. Over time it can change.

There are Masons who espouse a very different view of Jesus and Christianity as a whole. They put themselves forward as virtually no less or more than worshippers of the Sun God. Or worshippers of Light. Divine Light? They say that Jesus is a fictitious figure, that Christianity is an allegory. They see the Father, God, as Light and Satan, the Devil, as darkness. And, they make it very simple and down to earth. Everyday there is the revolving cycle of day and night. God, the Sun, Light, raises in the East, and in the evening there is a war in the heavens and the god of darkness overpowers the god of light, and night befalls upon us, ruled by the bats and ghosts of the underworld (night). (Similar to Vedic teachings, Lord Shiv is the lord of the underworld. In the evening his servants, the demons, ghosts, come out and rule the evening night)

Further they say that Jesus is the Son of the Sun God, if, that is, he even existed. They refer to pre-Christian paganism where the sun is worshipped as the source of all life. Without the sun, there would be no life. No seeing, no plants would grow, the world would be in complete darkness. The sun is the source of all energy, material and, they say, spiritual. Thus, they worship the Lord and Father of the Heavens, the Sun. No one can deny that the sun rules the heaven during the day. They understood that the whole universe emanated from out of the sun. In the Roman pagan celebrations of the Winter Solstice, they celebrated for days when the sun reached it's furthest southern journey. Using large Sun-dials, at the mid day sun, the shadow of the dial would cast across a large circle which was marked with degree lines. Around Dec 23-24 the sun would reach it's furthest point in the southern sky (for those in the Northern hemisphere). For about 3 days the sun would not venture any further south, thus at mid day the shadow did not move any further degrees. Thus, they would say that the sun had died on the cross of the sun dial. At mid day, for those three days the sun's shadow reached the same exact degree. Thus, it was dead in the sky, and shadow did not cross any further degrees. The sun died on the cross for three days. (Jesus, the Son, died on the cross, as he hung there for 3 days). The sun also was about to enter a new Zodiac sign. The sign of Virgo, the Virgin.

These were the darkest days of the year. The sun was at it's furthest point south. But, then, on December 24 there was a great celebration, especially in the evening, for the next day, the Sun was to be "Reborn". The pagans would celebrate by taking a tree or plant and placing candles around and decorations on it, to celebrate the new Rebirth of the Sun. And, on December 25th, the Sun was (again) born, risen up from its last three days of being dead on the cross of the sun-dial. It would again rise up in the Eastern sky and come to the North, taking it's glorious seat in the high heaven. Not only this, but the sun, on December 25th, would take its (new) birth from the Heavenly Virgin Mother, as the sun entered the house of Virgo in the Zodiac charts.

Does anyone see any allegorical connection with Christ? This is what many of the Templars saw in their studies of secret texts, and of occult teachings. To many, it shook the very foundation of their Christian beliefs. Who and what are the Christians worshipping? The Sun-God? Or the Son of the Sun God? Who is the Father who art in Heaven? The Sun? Dying on the Cross was simply the shadow of the sun dying on the cross of the sun dial? After having died for 3 days on the Cross, the Sun then is seen rising up in the sky to the heavens. And, on December 25th, the Pagans worshiped the "sun" as being born to the Virgin Mother, as the sun now entered the house of Virgo.

Just coincidences?

As amazing as all this sounds, there are a few problems with these allegories. Such as the play on the two words Sun and son. The sun being reborn on the Winter Solace may be true, I have not confirmed if the Virgo (Virgin) zodiac aspect is true or not. Although I don't know Latin, I assume sol is a name for Sun, what is the name for Son? The Bible was written in Latin, or Semantic Hebrew or whatever, and I very much doubt that in the original text that allegory would hold up or be there at all. That is, the words Sun and Son as sounding the same only works in English, and I would assume that allegory or play on words does not exist in Latin or Hebrew. Although, i don't really know. Also crucifixions did not take place on crosses, but rather on a single large stake, a pole, planted in the ground to which the criminal was tied. Early historical accounts do not make reference to a Cross, but to just a single pole. So, a lot of these allegorical ideas, as amazing as they are, may only work in modern English. Just see how amazing Krsna, God, is, that He does one thing and so many wonderful things result.

But, there are other Masonic ideas. Some say, and some Mason's have written, that they worship Lucifer. Isn't Lucifer another name of Satan? Many modern Christians insist that is so. But, Lucifer only appears once in the Bible (from an account I read). Others have come up with the story that Lucifer was an angel in heaven. There was a fight in heaven and Lucifer fell from the heavens and descended into darkness. He then became the lord of darkness. This is why Christians say he is the Devil. But, the story goes, that Lucifer will again rise up in the morning sky and take his place at the side of God. Interesting story, but what one account said is that although this is acclaimed as an old Testament story, the story does not come from the Bible. Rather, it comes from the pagan idea of, again, day and night. Lucifer means "Bearer of Light". That would be an odd name for Satan, wouldn't it not? So, what if we take the story of Lucifer as allegorical, In fact, one Masonic Grand Master had written that the story is from a Pagan idea of the day and night. Lucifer, the god of Light is the Sun. During the day he sits in the high post of the heavens. Then, in the evening there appears to be a battle between the sun and darkness. The sun loses the battle and falls from the heavens, into the darkness of night. But, Lucifer, the Sun-God, will be born again the next morning. And again, he will rise up in the morning sky and take his rightful place in the heavens. Spreading his light for the good of all men. These are pagan ideas.

Those who see "Lucifer" in this way worship Lucifer as no less then the worship of the Sun God, and not at all as Satanic worship. And, what is the harm in offering respects to the Sun, for without the sun we would have no light to see, no warmth, no food. There would be no life, only frozen cold darkness. Thus, in awe we give all our respects and oblations to the Sun. This is proper. For those who do not directly worship the Supreme Godhead, worship of the Sun is not wrong or forbidden.

Others, however, state that Lucifer does not mean the sun, but, instead refers to Venice, the bright star in the morning that heralds the dawn of the coming rising of the sun. Thus, the meaning of the name, the Bearer of Light, as the appearance of Venice in the pre-dawn is a sign that soon the Sun will be rising and a new day will dawn.

The basic idea is that these societies, while many adherents are Christian, are not actually Christian. Many of their rituals and inner teachings come from a variety of different ancient religions, including pagan.

The symbolism of the Star and the Cross in these rituals and religions often have pagan connotations. Before Christ the Sun God worshippers used the cross to symbolize the Sun. The 2 rays to the east and west, the top ray to the north, and the 4th ray was often depicted as being longer as these were the sun rays that came down to earth. There would be a circle in the center, this was the sun itself. Other symbols of the sun was simple a cross with four equal sized rays. The Cross, like the Red Cross. Either depicted the Sun. In Egypt the Sun God was saluted with the chant Amen-Ra. Which many early Christians abbreviated as Amen. A sign of respect all good Christians give at the end of every prayer to this day. What the vast majority of modern Christians do not know is that they are actually glorifying the Sun-God. Amen (Ra).

How does Zionism play in their plan? Because, they believe that Solomon is a name for the Sun, (Sol - the Sun) and that the original Temple of Jerusalem, the Temple of Solomon, is actually a temple of the Sun-God. Surya in Sanskrit. Thus, they want to re-establish this Temple as the center of the New World Order. They want to re-seat what they think is the original religion, the mother of all religions, the universal religion, that of worship of the Sun, at what they see as it's proper center, in Jerusalem. Thus, they want to rebuild the temple of Solomon, thus they call them selves Masons, and what they do is Masonry, that is, in relation to the rebuilding of the Temple. This is, of course, what the Templar Knights are all about. And this corresponds to the original Sun God worship by the founders of Catholism. Some Freemasons put forth that the origins of Judaism is actually Sun-God worship as well.

Before we go on with the story of the Rothschilds and what the Rosicrucians and Freemasons believe, lets look at some other historical issues. From my studies long ago at UCLA research library I found that Emperor Constantine who was said to have been converted to Christianity and who over saw the writing (compiling) of the modern Bible and established Catholism was 'previously' a worshipper of the Sun-God. Being such he had a very strong influence in how the Catholic Church would be set up and how the Bible depicted Jesus' birth and life. The worship of the Sun God as supreme was found in Egypt and it was common to use a cross or iron cross as the symbol of the sun. Four beams of light with a circle in the center. Often the lower beam was made longer to show the light coming to earth. Sabbath is Saturday. But, King Constitine had the Roman Catholic Church change this to Sunday, as Sun-day was the day set aside in honor of the Sun God. Jesus was not born on December 25. It is known that the Catholics chose that day in order to coincide with the pagan celebrations of the birth of the sun. Thus, we have a number of slants on Christianity. We have the fanatics who believe He was born on December 25th for real. We have those who accept that the Catholic Church introduced these things, but go along anyway because that is just traditional. We have Christians who reject the Catholic influence and observe Saturday as the actual Sabbath. And, our understanding is that Jesus is a real saint, he was a devotee of Lord Krishna. And that the Sun worshippers did, have influence in the forming of the Catholic Church, but all that is a whole other story.

Not all Masons hold that Judaism and Christianity is actually cloaked Sun-God worship, but the that faction does exist. It is not known to me whether this is what is taught as their highest secrets or not. In a way, it doesn't matter because as i said, Masons have no fixed doctrine. Their Grand Masters and the current Illuminati's can change it depending upon their collective 'enlightenment'. So, this may have been accepted at one time, it may have evolved and changed as well. There are degrees in Masonry. As one progresses up, more and more of the secret teachings are revealed. So, those who are lower degree Masons may have no real idea what is taught or believed by the Grand Masters. And, the Grand Masters can speak anything publicly to keep their secrets cloaked. So, just because someone writes and denies these things does not mean this is or is not what they believe.

Just see the madness of such 'secret' societies. By their very nature they are open to total speculation, errors and corruption.

So, what does all this have to do with the Rothschilds of whom I had begun this topic?

Rothschild was born in 1743 in Germany. At that time the Templars who resided in Germany had gone underground and were known as the Rosicrucians. They had also become the FreeMasons and Freemasonry was also flourishing in England. And also in the United States, as I pointed out. While changing his name to Red Shield may have only been to honor his Jewish background, what historians tell us is that Rothschild founded, directed and funded a new group called the Illuminati.

"Ancient Arabic Nobles Orders Of The Mystic Shrine"

That is some title. For short, they call themselves "The Shriners". The Ancient Arabic ... Mystic Shrine? What is the Mystic Shrine? The above is the symbol for the Shriners. Notice the Crescent, turned downward, and the Star. This is also the symbol for Islam, the star and crescent. The Shriners are 32 degree Masons, once the highest degree. There appears to also be an Islamic influence? At least an Arabic influence. More, it is a Mystic influence.

That was many years ago. What they need is the Vedic understanding - then they will have found the fully revealed scripture and teachings.

The Great-Seal of the United States. This is taken from the back of the US $1, it was designed in the 1700's and has been on the back of the $1 bills since the 1930's. An eye hovering over a pyramid. Some say that this symbol is was also the insignia of the Bavarian Illuminati during the same period, back in the 1700's. However, I have not found any concrete evidence of this claim. But, the fact the Illuminatis influenced the founding of America is an historical fact. Below the pyramid are the words, Nuvus Ordo Seclorum. "New Order of the Ages".

Who are the Illuminati's?

The Bavarian Illuminati was headed by Adam Weishaupt. He was born a Jew and first converted to Catholism. At some point he became interested in the occult and mystic ideology. He formed a friendship with Rothschild and so Rothschild funded and directed Adam Weishaupt to set up the Illuminati.

Through Weishaupt the Illuminati spread their influence throughout Europe into the other secret societies, and involved many of the Royal Families and political leaders.

It is my understanding that it was through the Illuminati that Rothschild wanted to gain control over Freemasonry.

Mayer Rothschild's father was a goldsmith and village banker. His father wanted Mayer to become a rabbi. He was 16 when his father died and to maintain himself, Mayer entered the banking world. From humble beginnings Mayer was able to eventually position himself to become the most powerful and influential banker in Europe during his lifetime. He is accredited with inventing international banking (at least in the modern sense, although the Knights Templar actually were the first international bankers). If he did not invent it, he was the first to leverage the power it provided to it's fullest.

His goal and ambition did not cease with simply earning great wealth as a banker. He understood the power and influence wealth commanded, and especially he became expert at leveraging this power and influence in incredible ways. As he fathered the idea and concept of International Banking, he simultaneously leveraged his position to gain political influence over the nations he transacted business with. Without weapons, without an army, he was able to take over virtual full control of many nations, simply by leveraging the power and influence of money - via loans made to governments and kings. And concurrent with this, he not only practiced the occult, but he used his immense financial resources to support to it, to vastly increase the power and influence of Freemasonry and the influence of the Illuminati.

Mayer Rothschild had five sons. He groomed them to greatly expand and ultimately take over the financially leveraged political empire that he had started to build. He gave them very specific blue prints to follow, and a goal. His goal was non other than to see that his family, in some future generation, would eventually conquer and rule the whole world. This was the ultimate goal and purpose of the Illuminati and why he gave support and direction to Freemasonry. Not only would the secret occult societies rule the whole world, but, he wanted that his family dynasty would sit at the helm as the Grand Masters of a New World Order. This became the longer-term goal of the Rothschild dynasty.

In his time Europe consisted of many large and small Monarchial governments. During his lifetime he was able to basically seize control over the banking-financial interests of the leading most powerful nations in Europe, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, England and Switzerland. Without a sword or gun and without a standing military army, he leveraged the power of loans, credit and debt to greatly influence the political landscape of Europe.

Historians write that he funded and helped to set up Napoleon, later his sons carried on with his plans for using Napoleon to further their goals. Later his descendants can be seen as funding and helping to direct the ideology and set up other world dominators such as Marx and Hitler. Very diverse ideologies, Nazi Germany is known as anti-semantic, so how could a Rothschild, a Jewish family, help to set up and fund such ideology? Or Marx, and the communist manifesto is unveiled atheism? This does not make sense that a Jew would help create and fund either of these empires and ideologies. It does not make sense on the surface. But, if you dig, you will definitely find a lot of evidence these things did actually happen. As we said, the Rothschilds may be of Jewish descent, but they were a different type of Jew. Just as Freemasons are a different type of Christians.

In Europe prior to the House of the Rothschilds many historians tell us that many of the Royal Order were also involved in secret societies, such as the Knights of the Templar and later the Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

Exactly how Rothschild became involved or why is not important. What is important is that he not only became involved, but that he very much influenced and directed the secret societies through the Illuminati. The Illuminati spread throughout Europe, and to the Colonies and USA. Rothschilds, over the years, took controlling power over these secret societies via the same powerful tool he used to subjugate the Kings and governments. His weapon, money. Via proper leverage of credit and debt.

In America the Illuminati helped guide the Freemasons as they set up their country. 50 of the signers of the US Constitution were Freemasons. Including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. This was one reason they wanted religious freedom in America. But, these societies were secret, and therefore the members externally remained as Christians, etc.

In fact, that is exactly what these societies also want. They advertise that they are not a religion, and that they do not enter into politics. So, they more than encourage you to keep your current faith. You just come to our society and we will teach you non-secular spiritual self awareness (because the Churches you belong to are not capable of teaching this?). We believe in the Supreme Being, but we are not a religion. We don't even allow religion to be discussed (except for their basic understandings). For years you are taught this. Then, slowly, if you show an acceptance of various ideas, then you are revealed more and more of their inner beliefs. Eventually, however, you find that these secret societies are a religion, and they do have a very power political agenda, and the two, the religious and political agendas are one and the same. World dominance. But, as you progress in their faith and understanding they want that you remain in your particular faith. In fact, they want that you excel in your particular faith, or political party so that you become very respected and influential in whatever other organization you are with. This way they are able to infiltrate and influence all other religious, social, political groups. In politics, the leaders of the opposing parties may both belong to one or the other of the secret societies. May be the same one. They may each, still, retain their own slant on social reform or direction, but they are both ultimately serving the grand overall mission of the secret society to which they belong.

Back to the Rothschilds. From the father - Mayer, to his 5 sons, to their children in turn, the Rothschilds have proven to be very intelligent, shrewd men. You do not catapult your self and your sons to the top of the financial markets in all countries across Europe, and hold on to and leverage that power to it's maximum and hatch a very long-term and thus far successful plan for family dominance of the world with average intellect. One of the intelligent means by which Rothschild's were able to leverage so much influence politically, and how they increased their wealth many fold, was by funding both sides (or all sides) of a conflict. And, where conflict did not already exist, to create one, fund all sides, fan the flames of the conflict until it erupted into war, and since they were the funders and supporters of all sides, it didn't matter which side seemed to win or lose. The real winner always remained the one who kept control over the money. They provided funding for building the armies and they provided funding for rebuilding the nations after war. And, at all times, money was supplied via lines of credit. By extending credit to these nations. Meaning, to loan them the money. That is the definition of an International Banker.

England was struggling with trying to take over and maintain control of India, with trying to deal with the Colonies, then dealing with Napoleon, the rest of Europe, Russia, etc. And through the East India Trading Company (a whole other ball of wax) to conquer and take control of many foreign lands (we not forget China, Hong Kong, the middle east, Africa, the Opium War, etc.) England is but a small country. Where from does all this money to support all these many endeavors come from? Only the taxes of the British farmers and common folk? The large bankers where also investors in the financial markets. As such, they were able to amass large amounts of capital. This money was then loaned to their country governments in order to collect interest and create even more profits for the bankers. What was true for England was also true for Spain, France and other European nations. What was unique with Rothschild is that through his 5 sons he was able to set up a multiple-national banking system. His House of Rothschilds was able to fund all sides in any conflict. The money was a powerful tool, and funding all sides of any conflict was the genius of Rothschilds. Doing so put him in the position to make immense profits no matter which side prevailed. And always remain in the seat of ultimate power.

Their goal wasn't just to make money. It was to gain control and influence over the world leaders.

Rothschild set up and funded Napoleon. They also funded the Germans and Britains. Along with the money and extension of credit would come political favors and influence. The Rothschilds developed central banks in each country. The battle of Waterloo was the decisive battle for both Napoleon and Britain. If Britain lost the battle, it would be devastating. If Napoleon lost, his time of conquest would be over. Tension in the London stock market peaked. The Rothschilds, who funded both sides, had spies or informants on both sides at high ranking levels, and they had a network for getting the news back to London far quicker then the Royal army (using carrier pigeons to cross the channel). When the battle at Waterloo was decisively won in favor of Britain, the first person in London to know was Nathan Rothschild. He immediately went to the trading floor, and emotionless gave a secret signal to his traders on the floor. "Sell". His agents began to sell off their investments. In minutes he liquidated his market positions, selling while the market was high, thus he had lots of cash as he over say what he knew would follow. The other traders noticed, the Rothschilds are selling off their British holdings, their dumping their holdings. Word spread over the trading floor. "Nathan knows, the Rothschilds must know, Britain must have lost the battle". Panic hit the market, stock prices took a dive. 4 hours of sheer panic. Everyone was selling off, prices dropped to 5 cents on the dollar. Nathan was leaning emotionless against his favorite pillar, watching the panic on the floor. Then, after satisfied with the low low prices, he gave another secret signal to his agents. Nathan Rothschild, who had sold his positions when the markets were high, who was holding large cash reserves, then bought up all major holdings for a song. He bought controlling interests in all important commercial companies at 5 cents on the dollar. He had sold high, before the panic, giving him all the funds he needed, then bought back everything and 20 times more for pennies on the dollar. Everyone else had panicked and had lost virtually everything. His competition had lost their wealth and lost their controlling interests in many companies. What the other bankers and traders had lost, it was now all showing up in Rothschild's pockets. Rothschild had done them in. It was a very cunning plan. Their father had originally began the process of setting Napoleon up. Through the Illuminati Rothschild was able to spur Napoleon's desire for conquest. Through Napoleon Rothschild wanted to see if he could conquer the whole world. But, if he should lose, that was not a loss for Rothschild. He was funding Napoleon, and he was funding what ever opposing nation Napoleon would try to conquer. By design, by very cunning plan, Mayer Rothschild created situations in which no matter what the outcome, his dynasty would not only remain, but would grow in strength and power.

So, with the fall of Napoleon, in a single day of trading, Nathan Rothschild increased the net worth of the Rothschild holdings by 20 times. They now had controlling interests in all strategic companies and industries across Europe. They now had controlling interest in all their competitors, in all key industries. By design, by plan, the end result of the Napoleonic wars was that Rothschilds now, not only had all major European governments in debt to them, and not only had gained immense new found wealth, but they were now in control of many major industries and other financial institutions. Exactly as planned. It was just a step on their way to world dominance. Not just industries fell under their control, but also newspapers, schools, even churches and whole religious institutions.

With each conflict the Rothschild's power, influence and wealth increased by leaps and bounds. The Rothschilds understood that it does not matter who is elected to politically rule a country, as long as the Rothschild's control the money, they control whoever is elected.

As we said, the Rothschild's plan was long-term. He did not plan to take over the world in his lifetime, nor his son's lifetimes. His plan was to build a family dynasty that may take many generations. At the same time, he infiltrated and used the secret societies to assist him in his plans. Time was always subservient to the goal. The goal was very long-term. Generations. None of the Rothschilds went about fulfilling those goals in a rushed manner, to complete the plans in their particular life. In all dealings the Rothschilds exhibited great long-term patience. Never rushing to do something in haste. Always planning, and re planning as needed, to reach the goal.

After Napoleon's demise, the Royal French family was in need of funds to rebuild their nation. But, they did not want to deal with the Rothschilds. They personally did not like them. So, they borrowed from Rothschild's competitor banks. The Rothschild brothers did not like that. It was outside of their plan. So, they made a long term plan to show the French Monarch who was really in control. Once the French borrowed money from the competitor banks the French Monarchy issued French Bonds (like futures contracts) to be traded on the financial markets. As the bonds become popular their interest rates increased and the interest from the bonds brought in needed funds for the Royal family to help rebuild France, and of course for the Royal needs of the Royal family as well. Immediately the Rothschilds secretly starting buying large quantities of these bonds. They kept buying them in numbers for years. After about 5-6 years, when the time was right, the Rothschilds sold off a large batch of the bonds. This caused a panic. Then, over the course of several days they kept up the selling, selling, dumping. No one knew it was the Rothschilds, as they had many agents in the market who bought, held and sold the bonds for them. The value of the bonds shattered. The Royal Family would have no more income, no funds, they would face ruin. As the Royal family met one day to try and figure out what had happened, several of the Rothschild brothers sat outside to see them. When the Royal family heard the Rothschilds were there to see them, they realized what had happened to their bonds. The Rothschilds had fought them financially and won. The Rothschilds then agreed to extend to the French royal family credit, loaning them much more then they had originally borrowed before in order to save their Monarchy. Now the French were in debt and indebted to the Rothschild dynasty more then ever. Along with the funds, came many strings and influence. This was the way of the Rothschilds.

This is an example of how they built their dynasty.

And, what were many of the strings? Many of the strings included memberships or at least acceptance by the royal families and government leaders into the Illuminati, etc. This way they wedged control over the governments.

The Rothschilds were Jewish. One goal of the Rothschilds was to create a new Israel. So, they used their influence in Britain so that the British would help establish a new state of Israel. The seeds for this were well planted early in the 1800's by the Rothschilds. Jews, especially successful, wealthy and influential Jews, were not well liked across Europe. This was another of the Rothschild's efforts, to make the Jews more accepted. But, as we said, the Rothschilds were different Jews. They were Freemason type Jews. Their idea of Judaism reaches further back then just the old Testament.

Since Freemasonry was a popular secret society, as well as the Rosicrucians (Red Cross), as the Rothschild's increased in tremendous wealth, they were able to basically buy influence into all these secret societies as well as the other religious institutions and schools, etc. Large donations and funding also comes with great influence and control. Actually, Zionism is a part of Freemasonry. In the lower degrees of Freemasonry they will tell the initiates that their name has nothing to do with the temple of solomon, temple of Jerusalem. But, ultimately, that is exactly what Freemasonry is all about. It uses the tools of the masons allegorically. The compass that measures in degrees. They also teach, in degrees. They set up their temples and meeting places according to the degrees of the planet. It was Freemasons - the Illuminati, that funded and set up many of the major universities in Europe and America. When one moves up in Freemasonry, he goes to the next degree. Originally Freemasonry had 3 degrees. Thus, you had gone through it all once you completed the 3rd degree. That was increased to 32 degrees (which happens to be the melting point of ice in degrees Fahrenheit), then 33 and even higher in later years. But, Freemasons help set up the modern universities, so that they could have full influence over what is taught. So that they could breed and influence the next generation of leaders. This is why the universities also hand out "degrees" to graduates, and why the members are called Alumni, enlightened, as this is what Illuminati also means.

By the early 1800's the Five Rothschild brothers were virtually in control of the financial markets and banking of England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Their father had a plan. The plan had steps to follow. The first was to gain control of Europe's banking, then Russia and the rest of the world. Once they controlled the money systems of all countries, they would have sufficient political influence. However, influence was not all they wanted. The plan was for the Rothschild's family to one day rule the whole world. Before that could be done, they had to first create a one-world government. Napoleon was their first attempt to set up a conqueror, funding him. But, the Russian Czars did not want to play to the Rothschild's plans. The Czars rejected the idea of allowing the Rothschilds to set up a central bank in Russia. So, the Rothschilds started planning how to over throw the Russian rulers. They told the Czar, they would not only over throw their rule, but they would turn all of Russia into an atheistic nation. At the same time, the Rothschilds also wanted to set up an Israel State.

They also saw that another player to contend with and that was the United States. They also wanted to conquer America. There was already a strong Freemasonry influence. So that was exploited by the Rothschilds. And, financially they needed to keep control over the financial markets as well. For them to gain more full control over the US they needed to weaken the people, weaken their moral fabric and weaken them financially, putting them and keeping them in debt. This way they could have the greatest amount of control and influence. And, as always, it was part of their plan to create the state of Israel.

As the House of Rothschild grew in it's power and influence, they also purposefully remained out of public view as much as possible. They would let the kings, or elected leaders bask in the public spot light, but from behind closed doors, those same public figures would agree to do the bidding of the Rothschilds. This way, they were able to command influence over many nations, many governments who may individually be at odds with each other, each would be swayed under the economic financial influence of the Rothschilds. Also, they became expert at hiding their immense wealth. The set up trusts and other corporations that they controlled, but they did not use the Rothschild name. This way the world would not know how vast their influence was. Just how wealthy and powerful the family was, this was kept secret, by design from the very beginning.

They also set up other International Bankers, they did this, also, to thwart the appearance that they had a monopoly on such world banking. But, from what I have read, the other bankers have had to answer to the Rothschild dynasty. By the 1830s they had more or less full control over Europe’s financial – banking industries. They had controlling influence on government policies since the Monarchs had all fallen in debt to his banking system. Working on their father’s plan, the brothers were to spread their banking / control throughout the whole world. But, they saw the United States government as the largest threat to their father’s plan. The US was not a Monarch. The laws did not support central power, but power was in the hands of the people. The bankers had a grip on the US in the beginning, but, under Andrew Jackson they had lost their major grip. Andrew Jackson was the only US presidency to be free of all debt to the banks. The bankers didn’t like this, as they had little or no control or influence. At the time the Southern Cotton plantations had a close working relation with the financiers in England due to their close relation with the textile manufactures in England who were the largest buyers of American cotton. The Rothschild’s exploited that financial connection and leveraged it to create political and social unrest in the South. They sent over a number of English advisors, who did a lot more than give advice on cotton exporting. Over a period of years they orchestrated an enmity between the Southern plantation owners and the Northern Industrialists. They fanned the division, turning one side against the other. Their intention was to so weaken America that one of their European puppet countries, France or England, could take it over under the financial control of the bankers.

But, the Rothschilds are not the supreme controllers, they have had many plans, but not all have executed smoothly or as planned. But, another thing pointed out by the historians is that the Rothschild’s did not climb to their position of power and control due to lack of cunning. These men, headed by their father, grandfather, great-grandfather - Meyer, were ‘extremely’ cunning – and very intelligent. Sure, not every plan panned out as planned, but, by design, they always set themselves up as a benefactor no mater which way things turned out. As they were funding and supporting the South, hoping the Confederates would win, they were also loaning money to the North to fund their army as well.

The Rothschild’s were extremely resourceful. If their first plan did not go the way they wanted it to, they immediately made new plans to deal with the present and keep going toward their ultimate goal. One thing, they have been persistent and from the start have seen this as an effort that would take many generations to complete.

Anyway, the Civil war did not end as planned. President Lincoln saw that the British Crown was getting involved, he may not have known the Rothschild’s were behind them, but he knew the British were funding the south, as well as the French (also under the direction of The House of Rothschild, who controlled the money of England and France, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc). Amazing, I never read any of this in history class in school. Anyway, what Lincoln did was he knew he needed help. America enjoined a friendship with Russia at the time, and Russia was not on good grounds with England. So he sent a letter to the Czar of Russia asking for help. The Czar agreed to help and sent two armed fleets, one to the East Coast and one landed in San Francisco. At the same time England and France were ready to send their own troupes to help the South mop up in their victory, then to over power the now exhausted Confederate army. This was Rothschild’s son’s plan. But, when the Russian troupes and armored fleet arrived, England and France changed course, they did not want to wind up in a stand off with Russia. Acting against Rothschild’s desire, they basically withdrew their support for the Confederate South. Funds, ammunition immediately began running out, and what seemed a certain victory for the South turned into a bitter loss. Days after the surrender of the South Lincoln was faced with huge debts. He had borrowed large sums of money – from the International Bankers, most notably, from the Rothschild’s. The US was now in debt way over it’s head. So, to pay off the debt Lincoln ordered the printing and distribution of non-interest bearing (meaning money not tied to the bankers) US Government Notes. 4 days later he was assassinated. In a book written by the daughter of Booth, she writes that immediately after her father shot Lincoln that FreeMasonic Knights immediately whisked him away to safety and that her father was not killed, that he lived a long life under the protection of the Illuminati.

Interesting side-note. Kennedy also decided to bulk the international bankers, and in 1963 ordered the US Treasury to print it’s own US Government Notes, the 1963 series of the US Silver Certificates. These bills had printed on them, due to the bearer on demand their value in silver. These were not "bank" notes as are the Federal Reserve notes, but were US Government notes. The same as Lincoln had done 100 years earlier. The result, he met with the same fate Lincoln had. He was assassinated 5 months later. Lyndon Johnson’s first official act in office was to halt the printing and distribution of those notes. Reagan, one day gave a public speech in which he proclaimed that the Federal Reserve was out of control, that it was time to bring the issuance of money back under control of the US Government. Several days later there was an assassination attempt. He was shot in the head, but survived. When he was recovering, the first public speech he gave he glorified the great work the FED was doing, pledging his full and on-going support to them.

Back to the Rothschilds. Well, who are the Illuminati?

Following is the text of a letter written in 1871. The letter is written by Albert Pike, who was head of the Illuminati in America at the time (he lived in Little Rock Ark.) Albert Pike was also a general in the Confederate army and was influential in starting the war. He also was the founder of the KKK. He writes about the plan and goal of the Illuminati or the Freemasons.

Albert Pike wrote about how the Illuminati see God as both good and evil. Inherent in their actions is the ideology that one can worship either side of God. That whether they carry out the work of the dark side or the light, it is both the work of God. This is their convoluted idea. Adonay and Lucifer (whom they say is Yaveh, Yaveh is the unspoken name of Lucifer) are all the same to them. God has two sides, front and back, good and evil. Adonay and Lucifer, or Satan and Yaweh, it is the SAME God – to them. That is the foundation of their thinking. Thus, to them, those who do the work of God can be on either side. They can serve God by evil acts of sinister darkness or by good acts. To them, it is all the same, as long as you act on behalf of God. As long as you serve His interest. This is how they can justify orchestrating wars, social upheaval and disruption on mass scale. They can justify introducing immoral social behavior, they can justify turning brother against brother, woman against man, whatever it takes, so that "God’s" mission can go forward. Their goal, unbelievably, is to establish a One-World-Order so that a God centered government can control the whole world. BUT, their ignorance is that they don’t see any difference between evil or good. They see either as God’s work.

This may also explain another part of the puzzle, how is it that the Catholic Church is also involved with the Knights of the Templar, and Zionism and the Masonic's and the Nazi’s, and the atheist communists? How are all these organizations linked with the Grand Masters and the Illuminatis? How they could justify supporting war, suffering on wide scale, social disruption, immoral degradation, atheism etc., and support the Pope and qualities of goodness at the same time? How can they support the Republicans and Demos at the same time? Or any other seeming dichotomy? Because they see both sides as God. They teach that God is both darkness and light. They say that He is the light, but whenever you have light, that light casts shadows and makes darkness as well, and God is the cause of both. Therefore, which ever way you want to serve Him, either way, it is acceptable. While this may or may not be their philosophic basis, there is also the influence of the demoniac nature. As Krsna defines in the Gita, the nature to exploit others for one's person gain. For adoration and distinction, the thirst for power and control and the drive to posses everything.

And, this goes to the heart of why these things are extremely important for us, as Devotees, especially interested in reestablishing dharma, to understand these things. Of course, that is IF all this is true. Some of it sounds unbelievable, but, there is a lot of collaborating historical evidence that lends support, from many diverse sources and directions, that most of this is very real and true. There has been and is an on-going long-term conspiracy. Why is it important for us to understand who they are and what their values and philosophy is? So, at the right time, we can confront it and defeat them, philosophically. Knowing what motivates them, what their foundational philosophies are, what they base their values on gives us the knowledge we need to reach them, and ultimately to defeat their demoniac nature, to defeat their grave misunderstandings, to instill in them the higher understanding. That is why it is important to understand 1) that such people do exist, 2) who they are, 3) and what is their philosophy. Then we can preach accordingly, we know what ideology is driving them, how to direct the preaching. The root is obviously the demoniac tendencies outlined above, but they also have a philosophic ideology that provides a basis, or excuse, for their irreligious behavior.

So, on to this letter written by this Albert Pike back in 1871. This letter is very revealing. Where this text comes from is that for a short time it was put up on display at British Museum Library in London. While it was on display the text was copied by William Guy Carr who was a former Intelligence Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. The text has now been published in numerous books. Some portend that it is a fake, a hoax, others contend that it is genuine. The letter is dated August 15, 1871. It describes a well crafted plan by the Illuminatis, worshippers of Lucifer, to establish a One-World Order. To this end, they had planned for 2 world wars to set the stage for creating a one-world government, and if needed a 3rd world war that would unleash the full degrading influence of the atheists. In fact, Albert Pike claims that Lucifer himself had appeared to him in a vision and told him all these things. In this way, the Illuminati, financed by the world bankers, will establish both atheism, and theism. But, that theism, ultimately, will be to reveal what they consider to be the highest religion, theirs.

(NOTE: Historians do not dispute that Pike was head of the Freemasons in America, nor that he was influential in spreading Freemasonry far and wide, nor that he worked closely with other Freemason leaders in Europe. Among the places that he opened Masonic temples in the later 1800’s was Calcutta. It was through the Freemasons there that communistic ideas were propagated in Bengal. He was head of Tennessee BAR association, and he founded the KKK – who were Knights of the Masonic Templar. He founded them to instill even more social disruption and chaos. The whole idea of the Illuminati, keep the people weak, weaken them by war, social disruption, create so many social issues they are forced to deal with, they will have no time to know who has taken over and controlling them)

Here is what he (allegedly) wrote in 1871:

" The First World War must be brought about in order to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions."

[from the website I took this from, the author comments: Students of history will recognize that the political alliances of England on one side and Germany on the other, forged between 1871 and 1898 by Otto von Bismarck, co-conspirator of Albert Pike, were instrumental in bringing about the First World War. ]

"The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm."

[ NOTE: In this letter, purportedly written in 1871, how is it that Pike uses the names, “Nazi”, “fascism”, Zionism, and speaks of communist Russia? As far as I can conclude, the letter is not a fake. IF it is, it would not be beyond the bankers to have inserted those words to cause confusion and to discredit it, but, on the other hand, there is evidence the letter is genuine. The thing is Pike was the leading Grand Master of the Masonic Temple in America at that time. A 33 degree Grand Master and a member of the Illuminati. He was a Confederate General (part of the Illuminati’s plans to create enmity between the north and south). He wrote a number of books used by the Masons, expounding their teachings. He helped layout the path the Illuminati must follow to establish a One-World Order. The Nazi party, their occult origins, were basically introduced by the Illuminati / Masonic leaders in Germany. It was the Masonics/Illuminati, the Templar, who crafted the Nazi party. Thus his use of the terms well before they became known publicly is not totally impossible. The Illuminati were following a well crafted long-term plan to set up the Nazi régime, and use it for their purpose. They also crafted the Communist ideology and through their leaders in different parts of the world, they spread atheism via communism far and wide. They did this knowingly serving God’s dark side. To them, they say it does not matter which side you serve. But, where they serving God's dark side, or merely their own false ego's?

The author’s comment on the web site was: In 1945, at the Potsdam Conference between Truman, Churchill, and Stalin, a large portion of Europe was simply handed over to Russia, and on the other side of the world, the aftermath of the war with Japan helped to sweep the tide of Communism into China.

My note, the UN also set up Israel as a nation. This was all orchestrated according to plan. Am I giving these Illuminati too much credit? No. They themselves give the credit to God. They are saying that they are simply carrying out God’s desire. Ultimately the real controller behind all this is Ishvar Parama Krsna]

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism (a disbelief in the existence of deity b : the doctrine that there is no deity ), origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

First the political Zionists (Israel) and Islam will engage in an all-out – end-all war, which will virtually destroy each other. Then “they” will first unleash the atheists, the nihilists (the communists régimes) and the absolute horrors of atheism will be exposed. This will be followed by the people rising up to try and overthrow the atheists. At that time “they” will bringing forth the ‘Universal’ and ‘pure’ teachings of Lucifer (whom they see as the God of Good and Light, oddly enough) and a reactionary movement will arise in which, in the end will see the destruction of Islam, Zionism, Christianity and atheism.

First, who are “they” who will be orchestrating all this? The Illuminati bankers. Of course, we AND they understand that ultimately this is God’s plan and they are just carrying out His plan. How will the international world bankers remain in control even during all out hellish war? Because all sides need financing, and they will be bank rolling all sides, from the political Zionists, to the radical Muslims to the US Government, the UN, Europe and China and Russia. They all need funds and today the money systems are owned and controlled by the secretive world bankers. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Rothschild’s family dynasty, will supply them with all the fiat-money, extension of credit, etc. All they seek in return is to be able to influence them. They are purposefully instigating this. AND, at the same time, they are fully aware they are just serving God’s ultimate plan.


===== left off here. incomplete, above will be edited, this is a work in progress... All below is snips of a previous email i wrote, along with internet clippings, all to be rewritten.


Secondly, this actually is, in many ways, very similar to what Srila Prabhupad has taught as well. That the next war will become a holy war of good against evil. Devotees against the demons. And he has said that the Christians will become disillusioned. They will not know where to turn. Eventually people will turn to KC and revolutionary armies of devotees will fight and gain control. This is basically what he has predicted.

What is attributed to the master-minds of the world conspiracy, these same exact predictions of the world’s future are echoed by HDG Srila Prabhupad. The only difference is that these men say that the pure doctrine of Lucifer (whom they say is a name of God) will be made public, and Srila Prabhupad says that our KC philosophy will be embraced and accepted. Really, no difference. No difference.

IF this is the true ideology and understanding of the world-conspirators and controllers, then our work becomes somewhat easy and straightforward. We must reach this Illuminati, and Illuminate them as to what really is the Pure Doctrine of God. SP’s book are that pure doctrine From a brief study into this whole conspiracy idea, and where it is now headed, we can see the path of the immediate future of the world and the role SP’s followers will ultimately play.

Of course, there is a more absolute idea that can be used to engage these men. Since ultimately God is the Supreme Controller, this is Kali Yuan, Krishna wanted those wars, wanted the disruption and degradation, in an ultimate sense, these demons have been serving the dark side of God, they have been serving Krsna’s back side, and they actually were Illuminated to actually know that. Krsna gave them that understanding and that is how they were able to execute those atrocities, in the mood of service to God. Ultimately, they were right. BUT, now Krsna has sent His pure devotee and now a Golden Age is to come, and now it is time to serve only the good side. Now it is time to push back the influence of Kali. We need to reach these demons with this enlightenment, and I am certain they will grasp it and understand it, because ultimately that is Krsna’s plan. At the right time and place the most influential men will realize this, and surrender to Krsna (surrender to the good side) and in the midst of the turmoil and devastation that is about to fall upon this world, Krsna will appear, in the form of Srila Prabhupad’s books and teachings. Srila Prabhupad’s mission will be revived – most likely not by the GBC, but by the Illuminati themselves, who will have become actually Illuminated at that time and have become devotees. As this last scene winds down, KC will be established along with the final formalization of the New World Order. That is my vision. Actually, in essence it has been their vision for over 130 years, it was SP’s vision 30 years ago.

Don’t agree? You don’t have to. I will write this and put it on my website for the right people to read.

I won’t detail, but another letter in the 1930’s outlined the plan for Communism, pure atheism, to take over and subdue the West. This is unfolding today. The plan outlined in the 30’s was that in about 30-40 years (from then, meaning around 60’s – 70’s, it took a few decades longer) the communist party would become purposefully weak, and to all external vision, would appear to fall. After sometime the West will open up and become friends, and after some time America will drop their guard. During this time the communists would be hard at work, secretly rebuilding it’s military, and at an opportune time they will unleash the full force of their military and subdue the West, taking us by surprise. At that time they will enforce atheism and outlaw all religious activities. China and Russia will act as a team. It appears that this may take place after the Zionists and Islam have gone to war and are destroying each other. Are these things in the works, are they happening? Is there a small group of people planning this? It seems to be so. And, yet, they admit, they are simply serving God’s dark side. They are well aware that this is exactly what they are doing. They understand that God is really the Supreme Controller. Actually, these men, the world bankers, the Illuminati, are not atheists, but they are an odd class of devotee – demons. I mean, how do you classify them? In one sense they know they are serving God, but they also know they are serving the dark side. So, yes, ultimately Krsna is the supreme controller orchestrating their misdeeds. And, they know this. They actually perform elaborate religious ceremonies and operate in a very ‘religious’ mind set. Yet, doing the work of the dark side of God. Many powerful demons of Vedic times also performed sacrifices and worship, but had an evil mind set. They performed sacrifices to gain power, control, then use that power for evil destructive acts. Non different from these modern day demons. So, in one way, we know them to be outright demons, no less then the demons of Vedic times. Rather then mystic powers, these demons posses power and control via control of wealth, controlling the money, the purse-strings. But, they are no less sinister and evil minded then the worse Vedic demons. The odd twist is that these demons know that God is the Supreme Controller and they know they are serving His ultimate plan. (The plan of making kali yuga a horrible time, full of chaos and suffering.) Just as Krishna uses the demigods to control the universe, he is using the most sinister of the demons to bring in the worse of kali yuga. And, he Illuminates these demons enough so that they actually know they are serving God.

Krsna has a ‘dark side’? Srila Prabhupad has said that irreligion is Krsna’s backside. Krsna orchestrated the battle of Kurukshetra. Ultimately He could have prevented the suffering and bloodshed. But, His plan was to make way for Kali. In many ways, Dhrtarastra, Duryodhana were doing Krsna’s service. Even Duryodhana was loyal friend and student of Balaram. Yet, he also committed cruel acts against Krsna’s devotees. We understand that ultimately his actions were under Krsna’s control. It was time for Kali Yuga, the battle had to be fought. These demons are really acting no different. This is Kali Yuga, and it is Krsna’s plan that there will be suffering, social degradation, wars. It actually is His plan. Someone will be responsible for thwarting these things on the world. Knowingly or unknowingly, the demons who purposefully and knowingly enact such social upheaval are acting on His desire, carrying out His plan. Krsna is simply fulfilling these men’s dark and sinister desires, their desire for power and control and their desire to exploit ruthless sinister behavior to its fullest. What is amazing is that Krsna actually enlightened these men so that they actually knew that is what they were doing, and so they were doing it willingly, as service to Krsna. Krsna is amazing.

If all this is the reality, then it would appear we are very close to WW3 flaring up (from any day – literally – to maybe no more than a year or two). We are already at war – the Muslim world is convinced America is Satan, that Israel must be destroyed, Israel is bent on obliterating anyone who would dare try. It will only take a small push for the Middle East to totally explode. And all over the world things could flare up overnight. Then, not long after all out war begins, Russia could surprise us with a secretly built up military, may via a partnership with China. A rain of nuclear missiles, viruses, chemical warfare. All hell breaks out. In the end, Srila Prabhupad had once said, Communism would appear to win. As this letter asserts, the whole world will see the absolute horror of atheism. But, then revolutionaries will fight back. And they will not be Christian based. The Christians will become disillusioned (they will be looking for Jesus to come out of the sky, but only nuclear radiation and infectious bacteria falls on them. Atheism will rule). Somehow, KC and Prabhupad’s teachings will become widely accepted and revolutionary KC armies will band together and atheism will be destroyed. How will this happen? For one, it is obvious to me now that the bankers will remain in power bankrolling and influencing everything behind the scenes. Why? Because it is all part of Krsna’s plan for Kali Yuga. And to be honest, for the past 25 years I have lost my faith that it will be the current ISKCON management who will be able to come forth and save the whole world. SP’s teachings, yes, but the current GBC management, no do not have the faith they will be able to do this. If the current behind the scenes controllers accept and take up SP’s teachings, and revive his original mission, that in many ways makes more sense to me. I am open to either scenario. And, at the same time, Christianity, Islam will be left behind, as well as modern science and industrialization. And, in the final end, the bankers themselves will willingly agree to collapse their fiat system. All finished. We are on the edges of the final last play. Maybe we will live long enough to see the complete changes, maybe not, but now I am have a clear vision of the path the world is on. And, seeing the slowness of the time-table over the past 200 years, it may take many decades before a KC world order is in place. It could be done virtually over night, in less than a month from right now, actually, or it could take decades. Krsna is not in any particular hurry.

Anyway, I had been puzzled how both the Catholic Church, Zionistic interests, FreeMasons and so much evil and disruption were all tied together. That had really puzzled me. How they support the Pope, support Israel, support the Muslim radicals, support the KKK, support the UN and human rights, support feminists, gays, support irreligion and religion at the same time. It made no sense. It has now become clear. These demons saw that serving the good side or bad side was all the same. Since they had sinister desires for power and control and a ruthless, stone hearted cold-calculating personality, they devoted themselves in carrying out Krsna’s plan for Kali Yuga with relish. Now, the world stage is being set for another major new change and direction. I think the next generation of their family will be able to take up KC and accept it as the Pure Doctrine of God that they have long awaited to be revealed. The Golden Age will rise out of the rubble of a crumbled world.

Sorry if you are not interested in these topics, I see them very related to dharma issues, this is the a-dharma we are up against. To be most effective, we have to know who and what we are up against. I now know who and where to direct my preaching to. I will aim my website and writings for the New Vedic Order toward these Illuminati. To start attracting them toward Srila Prabhupad’s teachings.

Ameyatma das


Who is the current head of the House of Rothschild? I've seen their names, but forget at the moment. The family purposefully stays totally out of the public radar. Totally. They and the main other players that they have set up or who they have partnered with over the generations. They keep their name off of everything. They use non-statutory (non traceable) trusts, which by the way, I am also looking into using. But, oddly, I found one company on the interest with the Rothschild name. A capital investment firm, Rothschild Capital Investment, or something like that. They were offering extremely low interest loans, specialty construction loans. For what? Major Gambling Casinos. They offered 5/8 % to 2% extremely low interest loans. 86% approval rate – you have a great plan for gigantic casino resort in which gambling, illicit sex, drinking, meat eating is pushed to the extreme, you get all the money you want. Loans start at $5M and go up into the billions. Several billion to build a well thought out off-shore casino resort, no problem, ask and 86% approval rate.

They noted that Rothschild Capital controls a 54% interest in OPEC. 54%, that is huge. And that through the OPEC investment funds, Rothschild Capital has 10 TRILLION $ readily available for loan. 10 TRILLION for loaning out. But, not just any loan, not to build KC VAD communities, but that money is there to build large casino resorts. They showed a man with a drink in his hand, standing, with a number of young women all over him. The ‘owner’ of the casino. If this is your desire, the world’s banker can facilitate you, enjoy to your fullest. And, typical of Rothschild, the money is not supplied directly from their banking funds, but from oil revenues. And, as a loan, they really will not loan anything, they will fractionalize it and create many times the money they saw they are loaning. They are using their wealth and position to push irreligion. Rothschild bankrolled the Rockefellers so they could establish Standard Oil (Exxon), and could gain influence over American industrialists. They bankrolled and set up the Morgan's, Carnegie, etc. Now I see the strong connection with OPEC, they have the greatest controlling interest in OPEC. And even with Saudi’s involved, they are offering the profits to be used as loans to build casinos – encouraging illicit sex and gambling. No wonder the Osama bin Ladins can get support for their fanatic mind-set, 90% of what they believe is true. America, Britain, via the bankers / Illuminati influence, actually are carrying out Satan’s work. They are. Yet, the very same bankers/controllers are out there instigating the fire in the Muslim’s hearts, they want to see them rise up and fight, because they know it is part of the plan. They have always, by plan, funded and supported both sides, or all sides, of any conflict. That way they always remain in power and control no matter what the final outcome is.

Another interesting thing is, at least according to some, the Freemasons, in connection with the Rothschild’s family, set up the Mafia. One of Mayer Rothschild’s sons controlled the Italian banks. They have been everywhere, on all sides of the fence. Always endeavoring to cause social disruption so as to keep society weak and busy with other social issues. Yet, on the other side, they have set up benevolent social programs as well.


- Another aspect of this puzzle is understanding the modern banking system and modern monetary system. The US Constitution only supports a gold / silver money standard. Printed money was to be backed by reserves in gold and silver. Gold coins and silver coins have intrinsic and actual value. But, the bankers gradually took full control over the monetary system, taking it away from the US Government and the people. The bankers have a monopoly on the creation of money. The same bankers control the supply of gold and silver, as well as most major commodities, like oil. But, the monetary system is most interesting.

We all use money. We work hard all week for a paycheck, for cash, for a paise or a green back, etc. But, for many decades money in the US and most of the world is no longer backed or based on gold or silver or really anything of intrinsic value. What most people never stop to think about - is - what is modern money based on? As I said, we all use it - we work hard for it - we need it to survive - we buy our food, our clothes, our shelter and homes with it. But, most of us have no idea what really is modern money?! What is it based on? As a surprise to many, modern money is actually based on credit. The back side of credit is debt. The banks issue credit, which for the person on the receiving end is nothing but debt. Money, today, is a Debt Instrument. It is not a thing of value. And, since money is today based on credit and debt, this is also how the banks create new money. Previously when money was based on Gold or Silver, the Government would print only as much paper money as they had the gold or silver to back it up. But, now that money is based not on gold, but on credit, how do the banks know how much money to create? Simple, whenever Credit is issued, the banks create brand new money - out of thin aire.

Before we go further - I don't have time to go too far into this here, I will post something separate later, but lets say a few words about the Federal Reserve. Go see: , they have a lot of material on their site. There you can find the audio by E. G. Griffin on the creation of the Federal Reserve. This is over an 1 hour long very informative lecture given on the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is not part of the Federal Government. Rather, it is a privately owned banking system set up by the same world bankers. The bankers succeeded in taking over the monetary system in America. Which really means that the bankers took over our country without firing a military weapon and without a standing army. The world bankers own the monetary system. They create the money and as such they create virtually unlimited wealth for themselves. They use this unending supply of funds to buy influence where ever they want.

--- Sorry, ran out of time for now. Again, take a look at the above web site, or for additional info on the banking systems.

Lots of points were missed, but, something of interest. I found on the net in my search a letter by one of the Rothschild's durng WW2 to the effect that in order for the world to feel compassion on the Jews and help them to establish a State of Israel, it would be neccassary for the Jewish community to pay a high price for this. Thus, the Rothschilds gave the order to convince the Nazis to round up the Jews and kill them by the thousands. However, the number of 6 million, there are a number of sites that say this number was highly exagerated. This is speculative, but, one idea is that, yes, there were a number of Jews killed, possibly by the 100's of 1,000's - there were concentration camps, the photos and films depicting the "holocaust" were real, the stories by the survivors was real, but the number was purposefully exagerated so as to conjure up the compassion of the world community who would then feel obliged to help the Jews by establishing their own independent State. However, any discussion along this line in the public forums will bring upon those who even suggest this was the case as being anti-sementic. Those who attempt to put this forward are villanized, accusing those who put this forward as guilty of hate-crimes. This atmosphere has been artificially created. Many state that there were more Christian slaughtered by the communists in Russia then the Nazi's slaughter of Jews. Yet, in the Illuminati controlled press, these facts are never pubished or discussed.

- that is it for now ---

And, for more information, take a look at - check out their videos - America Destroyed by Design - Bohemian Grove - Police State 3 : Total Enslavement. Eye opening. Also find The Monopoly Men - a PBS documentary on the world bankers. Do a search on the Bilderberg group. I do not give the Bilderberg group too much credit. I feel they are a puppet outreach group set up by the bankers to make these people feel important and part of the decision process, but the reality is only a handful of bankers are really in control. Research the Bohemian Grove for a far out lesson in reality (a secret meeting place of the world wide governing elite nested in the Redwood Forests of Northern Calif. Meetings have been held there for over 130 years - along with the worship of a giant owl and (faked??) human sacrifice to abandon all care by the world leaders. Too bizarre to be real? Hmmm. Even National Geographic magazine featured the Bohemian Grove in an article in 1915 - with photos of the 40 foot high owl and the human sacrifice attended by world leaders. Do your own research. That is what this page is meant to do, make you currious). Commission of Foreign Relations (CFR) the Trilateral Commission, all puppet groups, the Skull and Bones society of Yale, etc. Take a look at their member list - a who's who in politics and industrial leadership. By design>?


As last comment i have not fit in yet in the above story on Rothschilds. I have noticed a few sites dealing with the Rothschilds, in a business dealing with them, not beligerant, speak of the current Rothschilds as 'Royalty'. As if they were the (secret) Kings of the world. They definitely have a family Dynasty.



From the Internet (- sorry - i do not yet have the name of the author. I copied the text one day to study it offline, then lost the source url address. - not that we support all views, but i found interesting):

It is common opinion that the House of Rothschild rules the world invisibly today, and has done so for two centuries, by creating (i.e. paying off) its own puppets to work on its behalf in the visible world...on many fronts but especially in politics, commerce, technology, education and media outlets. The first Rothschild originated in a part of Germany where rulers were "illuminated" with the so-called "Age of Enlightenment" brought on by Rosicrucians...and by "first" I mean that "Rothschild" was not the true family name; internet websites say that it was "Bauer," meaning "farmer." The Enlightenment has given the world modern democratic politics, the industrial revolution, highly-advanced science and technology, overwhelming knowledge, awesome communication possibilities, but all topped off with grief, plagues, horrors, evil and certain self-destruction because the Creator has either been eradicated from mainstream life, or pushed into corners of society and there degraded into a variety of persons or "somethings" that He is not.
Mayer Bauer changed the name to "Rothschild" (meaning "red shield") for a reason not generally known. Yes, he had hung a red-shield sign/symbol above the door of his shop while still a poor/common family man, but what did it mean? Apparently, the protection and/or advancement of something red...and I don't think it had anything to do with red potatoes. Probably a red people. It just so happens that he was an Ashkenazi Jew, and that Ashkenaz was a region in Magog where the so-called "red Jews" of Khazaria had ruled an empire on the north shores of the Black and Caspian seas. Several voices are now proclaiming that the Rothschilds, and most other Ashkenazi Jews, are descended from the Khazars.

While the Jews of Khazaria had been the small minority among both Christian and Muslim citizens, they ruled the empire absolutely; it had been the law of the land that only Jews could rule! There were two kings, an invisible one called a "khagan," and a visible one called a "beg." Interesting, isn't it, that the invisible Rothschilds are now a few Jews ruling the world.

In 867 AD, Vikings from Scandinavia, who called themselves "Varangian Rus," appeared near Kiev (north shore of the Black Sea), and eventually took the city from the Khazars. For some years the invaders lived side by side with the Khazars, but thereafter they put the Khazars to flight, at roughly which time the phrase, "Ashkenazi Jew," was heard for the first time in the regions of Germany and Hungary. Arthur Koestler and some other researchers believe that the ruling Khazars were not true Hebrews, but instead Turks who had converted to Judaism. For this reason, Koestler and others suggest that the Ashkenazi Jews--over 90 percent of those who claim to be Jews today--are Turks who wrongly believe to be Jews. If Koestler is correct, then the conspiracy to control the world by international bankers is not a Jewish plot, but a Turkish plot. Or, Hitler sent mainly Turks to concentration camps! And Turks now run the State of Israel!!

I disagree. As Koestler himself acknowledges, there were some true Hebrews in Khazaria. Moreover, Ezekiel 38:8 speaks on the 1948 re-occupation of Israel by the "house of Israel" (Ezekiel 39:23). And there are scores of prophecies elsewhere concerning the years just prior to Armageddon in which the eternal restoration of Israel is the subject, and where the peoples involved are unmistakably identified as the bloodline of Jacob.

Koestler tells of a certain Khazar king named "Joseph," who, although suspected of being a Hebrew by the Jews of western Europe, claimed otherwise in a letter to them...claiming that his fathers were descended from the seventh son of Togarmah, named "Khazar." Now Togarmah was a son of Gomer, and Gomer was a son of Japheth (i.e. not Shem), wherefore it is impossible for the Judaic rulers of Khazaria to have been Hebrews by blood if they were descended from Togarmah. Koestler and others should perhaps entertain the possibility that Joseph might have been lying to the European Jews in order to protect himself, and all other Khazar Jews, from the sort of Vatican persecution that the European Jews had been under, and would again and again be inflicted with.

Note that after the second Vatican Crusade against Jerusalem (1147-49), which was a Templar-led flop, some Jews of Khazaria organized a Zionist movement of their own which also involved a siege of Jerusalem (that never happened). Arthur Koestler puts in this way:

" In the twelfth century there arose in Khazaria a Messianic movement, a rudimentary attempt at a Jewish crusade, aimed at the conquest of Palestine by force of arms. The initiator of the movement was a Khazar Jew, one Solomon ben Duji (or Ruhi or Roy), aided by his son Menahem and a Palestinian scribe. 'They wrote letters to all the Jews, near and far, in all the lands around them...They said that the time had come in which God would gather Israel, His people from all lands to Jerusalem, the holy city, and that Solomon Ben Duji was Elijah, and his son the Messiah'" (
Clearly, this Khazar-Jew Zionism was an attempt to set the stage for the Biblical Millennium (would Turks have gone to these lengths?). I have sought any evidence whatsoever to show whether or not Solomon ben Duji had been connected to the Templars/Crusaders and their brand of Zionism. I can find nothing either way, even though his twelfth-century thrust coincided with the second and/or third Crusades. What seems certain is that Khazar Zionism was the very task picked up centuries later by the Bauers, who, as the House of Rothschild, would eventually succeed in creating an official Jewish nation around Jerusalem, but not until 1948.

Note that, in Ezekiel 38:8, God does not take credit for the 1948 re-instatement of Jews in the land of Israel, because, in my opinion, God merely had to withdraw His hand, at the appointed time, to allow his Jewish enemies to succeed in their flesh-powered brand of Zionism. These Jews were not relying on God, nor waiting on Him, but were bankers, lovers of money, and desirous of grand political power. Mayer Rothschild (the first Rothschild) was himself a banker who had wormed his way into the affairs of one of the wealthiest men of Europe, prince William of Hesse-Hanau. William's father was a so-called "Enlightened Despot," a term referring to the Enlightenment movement...probably of the Rosicrucians; William's brother (Karl) was a leader in European Freemasonry.

Almost certainly, as is claimed by others, the Bavarian Illunminati grew out of the Enlightenment movement of the elite Hesse family...and because the Rothschilds were overseers of the Bavarian Illuminati, its outgrowth became the Rothschild Illuminati as per the Rothschild rags-to-riches events. This is an important point, for the Rothschild Illuminati, being a Jew-based organization, could not be an integral part of the Rosicrucian Ros(e) Line if that Line was Aryan/Norse and not Jewish, wherefore we can suspect that the Rothschild Illuminati, while birthed by and initially patterned after Hesse Rosicrucianism, had drifted away from and competed against it. Indeed, we see these two Illuminatii at war in the 20th century wherein the Nazis--who were an "Aryan" branch of Theosophist Rosicrucians, and were moreover supported by the Hesse royal family--were persecuting the Rothschilds internationally.

On the one hand, the Rosicrucians are those whom I feel wish to place a Rose-Line member on the future throne of the world, while on the other hand one can expect the modern Rothschilds to be seeking a certain Rothschild for the world throne (keep in mind that not all Rothschilds are known by that name). I think it becomes obvious via recent history that a sector of the Rosicrucian Illuminati above and beyond the Nazis tended toward an anti-Jew position as expemplified by other (i.e. non-Nazi) white supremicists.

Where the anti-Jew position is not the case within Rosicrucianism, there is yet another difference between it and the Rothschild Illuminati: the Rothschilds wanted a Jewish-controlled Palestine at the helm of the New World, while the Rosicrucians wanted Britain and/or America to act as the "New Israel." It is a testimony to the partrnerships developed by these two groups, I think, that the Rothschilds came to respect and perhaps embrace the Anglo-based "Israel" while the Rosicrucians came to tolerate, if not support, Zionism.

Because I concluded from my personal analysis of Revelation 13 that the False Prophet will be an American leader, I tend to expect the False Prophet to come from the Rosicrucian camp rather than the Rothschild camp. Yet who knows but that the two horns which symbolize the False Prophet may not prove to be a union between American and British Rosicrucians, or perhaps a union between the Rosicrucians and the Rothschilds.

No sooner after the French Revolution had the House of Rothschild become the wealthiest family in Europe that, in 1822, the hexagram (six-pointed star) was incorporated upon the Rothschild coat of arms, the same star that is sported by the modern Rosicrucians and the State of Israel! It is believed by some researchers that this "Star of David" (also called "Shield of David" and "Seal of Solomon") was not a symbol relating to either the Biblical King David or Solomon, but to Solomon ben Duji the Khazar, and his son, David al-Roy. Read this from Arthur Koestler:

" David al-Roy was assassinated - apparently in his sleep, allegedly by his own father-in-law...But the cult did not stop there. According to one theory, the six-pointed "shield of David," which adorns the modern Israeli flag, started to become a national symbol with David al-Roy's crusade. 'Ever since,' writes Baron, 'it has been suggested, the six-cornered "shield of David", theretofore mainly a decorative motif or a magical emblem, began its career toward becoming the chief national-religious symbol of was attributed to David in mystic and ethical German writings from the thirteenth century on, and appeared on the Jewish flag in Prague in 1527.' Baron appends a qualifying note to this passage, pointing out that the connection between al-Roy and the six-pointed star still awaits further elucidation and proof."
I'm convinced! And as the hexagram was called the "Shield of David," we may suspect that it had everything to do with Mayer Bauer naming himself "Red Shield"? Even prior to the birth of Mayer, the Shield-of-David star was in fact red when used as a logo by Jewish printers in Prague (as early as the 15th century).

The modern Israeli equivalent to the International Red Cross is called "Red Shield of David, UK" (Hebrew: "Magen David Adom, UK"), and was initially founded in "a shop on the corner of Rothschild and Nahalat Benyamin Streets [Tel Aviv 1930]" ( The organization, as can be deduced by the "UK" in its name, was founded in Britain...surely the British Rothschilds had everything to do with this organization's have certain controls over the blood supply of Israel, perhaps?

The Magen David website tells us that the hexagram "was used by Jews for decoration and appeared as an official Jewish symbol for the first time in 1354 when the Jewish community in Prague [Germany] received the right to have a flag of its own and chose the Shield of David..." "Decoration" my foot. It was a symbol used to spur or maintain the ideals of Zionism and/or Israelite Millennialism in the minds of Ashkenazi Jews. Because the House of Rothschild has ultimately brought the State of Israel into existence, we could view the Israeli flag today as a Rothschild flag, even a Khazar flag...and possibly a Rosicrucian flag.

How do the Rosicrucians and the Rothschilds both use the hexagram as their symbols? The theory is that a certain Richard Bauer had found a means to convert lead or mercury to gold in the process of alchemy. Whether this fantastic discovery is true or not is not the point, but rather that this Bauer was likely an early Rosicrucian because Rosicrucians would thereafter come to have alchemy as one of their main insignia. The other point is that the Rothschilds had been Bauers so that if per chance Richard Bauer was an ancestor of the Rothschilds, then the Rothschilds stem from Jewish Rosicrucians. That would explain the Kabala being yet another Rosicrucian insignia in some Rosicrucian circles. Later we will see that the Khazars (i.e. the non-Jews) were themselves Aryans so that a Jewish-Aryan partnership was the result when the Jews came to rule over Khazaria.

Could the essence of early Rosicrucianism have been a Jewish-Aryan alliance? That is, an alliance between Marano Jews (also called "neo-Christians") and Aryans? The Maranos were persecuted violently by the Inquisition, after all, and the anti-Vatican position of the Rosicrucians could thereby be partially explained. Many Aryan peoples had been a sort of Marano people too, as they had "converted" to Catholicism, not sincerely, but by force of Vatican armies. For an excellent example of a Jewish-Anglo partnership involving the Rothschilds, note that the first Rothschild, Mayer, "was appointed financial agent of the British government during the French revolutionary wars" (

The Marano Jews were set free from Vatican persecution as a direct result of the French Revolution, and one wonders if this war wasn't waged by the Rothschild Illuminati for that very reason. The Rothschilds became the head of these Jews thereafter. For example, during the Revolution, the Consistoire Central of French Israelis was formed (1791) to represent and advance Jewish issues, with French Rothschilds acting as Presidents for multiple generations.

At Edinburgh (very near Roslin) there was built the palace, Holyrood House, which may mean, "House of the Haly Red" (early records read as "Halyrod," not "Holyrood"). The official line is that "Holyrood" means "holy rod" and refers to the cross of Christ...but I don't believe this story for a second. In the tale, it is said that Margaret brought from Hungary to Scotland a piece of the actual cross of Christ, but that sounds like a typical cover up to keep Christian rulers happily unsuspecting of the reality. As "rood" means "red" in Dutch, and also because it's similar to "rud," where "ruddy" refers to a red tinge, I am brought to the brink of equating "Holyrood House" with a red entity.

The Russell (also meaning "red") clan of Scotland was originally a Jewish family from Germany, known then as the "Roesels," alternatively "Rosel" and "Rossel." One can hardly fail to see the "Rus" in "Russell" or the "Ros" in "Rosel," evoking the proto-Russians. But knowing that "el" means "God" in Hebrew, the name seems to mean either "the Ros of God" or "the Red of God." Then again, perhaps it means the "Red God." It's so very interesting that a great leader of the Varangian Rus, Vladimir I, conquered a red land (Galicia), that came to be known as "Red Rus," and that he was called "Vladimir the Red Sun." That's equivalent to calling him the "Red God." The Varangians were Aryans, if not Anglo-Aryans ("Varangian" could mean "Warring Anglos" because "var" means "war").

When I first began to suspect the Russell bloodline as having some significance in the Rose-Line cult, I did not know that the Skull and Bones club in the United States was incorporated as the Russell Trust Fund (1856). But in that case, what others are saying, that a certain Russell family is one of the top thirteen Illuminati families today, may just be true.

I suspect that pastor Charles Russell, founder of the Zion Tract Society (and root of the Jehovah's-Witnesses cult), had been working more closely with the British Rothschilds than the world was supposed to know. He worked openly in support of Zionism when the British and French Rothschilds were spearheading the re-settlement of Jews in the Holy Land. He was quite successful in motivating Jews to resettle because he did not attempt to convert them to Christ...a strategy that the Rothschilds would have favored. In 1914, as his part in Rothschild Zionism, Russell announced that God would bless all Jews who would thenceforth return to the Holy Land.

It is too difficult for me to see as a coincidence Russell's prediction of Armageddon and the return of Jesus for 1914, the very year that turned out to be the first of World War I, as though Russell knew it beforehand. Britannica put it this way: From 1877 he preached that Christ's second advent would be invisible, that the end of the Gentile times would come in 1914, followed by war between capitalism and communism or socialism, after which God's Kingdom by Christ would rule the whole earth" (1970; Vol. 19, page 770).

While the phrase above, "communism or socialism," would seem to refer to Communist Russia, that entity was not yet born when Russell was making the prediction. Because the Rothschilds, from the 1880s onwards, were bringing the socialist Fabian societies to fruition, the Americans were perhaps supposed to have lost the war for the Allies so that, after the War, Russia and the Fabian societies could arise as world rulers. Frightening thought.

Because the Rothschilds are implicated in the installation into power in Russia of the so-called "Red Jews," during the War (1917), and also due to the fact that a global government (i.e. the League of Nations) was being desperately sought by the Rothschilds, using the War as a reason for its need, I and many others suspect strongly that the international Rothschilds started the War itself, and manipulated the events toward their goals as much as they could. A study of that War, with the end-goal of conquering Russia in mind, brings out the following conclusions: that the German Rothschilds fomented the war for a generation previous to 1914 through German media outlets; that the English Rothschilds, in support of the German Rothschilds, permitted only as many English soldiers onto the Belgium-French scene as were needed to check/stalemate the German advance into France but not to defeat it until the Germans had defeated Russia; that the English Rothschilds through their agents Woodrow Wilson and his ambassador, Edward House, kept the Americans out of the war until (April 1917) after the Bolsheviks had seized the Russian reigns of rule by a coup (Mar. 1917); that the Germans, even though they had defeated the Russian military by the autumn of 1917, and therefore should have, and could have, taken the country, instead decided on a peace treaty (Dec. 1917) with the Rothschild agents (i.e. the Bolsheviks) then in power; and that German Rothschilds together with the British Rothschilds began putting an end to the war immediately after the peace treaty by setting German public opinion against war on the one hand, and on the other hand by suddenly turning the western Allies, until then a lame lot, into a powerhouse that easily repelled the Germans into a steady retreat until they gave up in defeat (late 1918).

Now the English were a lame lot for the first three years and more of the War; Britannica says that they could have halted the German advance quickly in the Belgium-French arena had they come out all at once with most of their forces, and yet they came in dribs and drabs. Therefore, there was a stalemate on that front for three years that meanwhile permitted the Germans to the east of it to work their will on Russia.

While the English appeared as though they couldn't afford men in Belgium or France, how is it that they had men to spare for the purpose of conquering both Jerusalem and Babylon, including Baghdad? It's clear in my mind that the Middle East was as much the Rothschild target as was Russia, for the two went hand in hand in their global-government scheme.

Behold, in November of 1917, as the Russian Rothschilds were on the verge of signing a peace treaty with the Germans, the British Foreign Secretary, a Fabian co-conspirator, and occult-loving buddy of the Rothschilds, Arthur Balfour, writes a letter to Lord Lionel Rothschild asking him to accept his Declaration wherein the Jews could be re-instated into their ancient homeland. In the very next month, the English conquer Jerusalem. Then, just after the War, the Rothschilds set up a Foreign Affairs office in Britain and in the United States, with more to come in other nations, and filled them with Illuminatists under their care and watch...having the job of ratcheting the governments of the world into submission to the Rothschild plan for Globalism. So, you see, the restoration of the Jews to the Holy Land is part and parcel with the establishment of the Rothschild New World Order...because that New Order is intended to be the Biblical Millennium as per a Jewish-occult vision.

It seems that the entire 1914-scheme started rolling its wheels in the 1880s, for it was at about that time also that the Rothschilds began to settle Russian Jews into the Holy Land. And see here what the American Hebrew Magazine said just after the War:

" The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order of the world" (Sept. 10, 1920)
Many other Jewish and non-Jewish sources agreed. In the same year (1920), Winston Churchill wrote the following in the Illustrated Sunday Herald:

" From the days of SPARTICUS (Adam Weishaupt) to Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky, Bela-Kuhn, Rose Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this [Jewish/Rothschild] world-wide conspiracy has been STEADILY growing. This conspiracy has played a definitively recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century; and now at last, this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads, and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire" (Quoted from The Missing Dimension in World Affairs, Goy, p. 92).
Clearly, Churchill was, at least initially, opposed to the Rothschild Illuminati. In the above list of Jewish names, Adam Weishaupt was the official founder of the Bavarian Illuminati while under the oversight of Mayer Rothschild. Modern socialism was evident in the mind of Weishaupt, and who knows but that it was perhaps patterned after Jewish-ruled Khazaria. We find Weishaupt's socialism a generation after him in another German Jew, Karl Marx, who, as an apostate, became as Satanic as was Weishaupt. Marx, too, was financed by the Rothschilds.

From his learning (or brainwashing) in France and England, Marx developed his "personal" Communistic ideals and wrote the Communist Manifesto, although we can estimate quite rightly that these ideas, in reality based on dictatorial rule that no one wanted, were "refined" for public dissemination. Not many years later, the Rothschild-sponsored and Balfour-supported Fabian societies of England followed with Marxism at their core, to be followed up by the Red-Jew Bolshevik Revolution. Some Aryan Rosicrucians under the name of "Nazi" attempted to destroy Rothschild Globalism, but as we all know, they failed. What happens next now that both Illuminatii have had the time to re-arm and replan? Perhaps the only reason that the New World Order has not yet come upon us is that the two Illuminatii are checking one another and thereby stalling its implementation. A partnership between the two may be the inevitable solution.

Churchill was lord of the British admiralty when the first World War started. Just days before the War began, he, "on his own responsibility, ordered the naval mobilizations which guaranteed complete readiness when war was declared," and, "In Oct. 1914, when Antwerp was falling, he characteristically rushed in person to organize its defense..." (Britannica, 1970, Vol. 5, page 748). This zeal on behalf of Britain and against the Germans was not conducive to the will of the Rothschilds, wherefore, behold, Churchill was soon replaced as lord of the admiralty (May 1915) by the good buddy of the Rothschilds, Arthur Balfour! So, you see, the Rothschilds had not a few political puppets in the Parliament to make things work their way.

I found an interesting Christian personality on an internet site, with no name provided. While answering questions, he answered thus: "Well, you are talking to an Ex-Illuminatist who knows that there is no such thing [as the Communist party being the greatest threat in the world]! Anybody coming out of the Illuminati will tell you that the Communist Party is run by Illuminatists. NOT COMMUNISTS!!!...Now if you go to the British Museum you will find two checks for several thousand pounds made out to Carl Marx, and signed by Nathan Rothschild!"

I don't know if this ex-Illuminatist is a post-tribber, but, to the question, "what are Christians expected to do?", he did say the following:

" Pray! I'll tell you this. The only thing the Illuminati fears as I said is an independent person who can live, eat, sleep, stay warm and defend themselves separate from Federal help. Pray that the Lord gives us more time! It is short (close)! See, they have tried twice before. They have never been this organized. They have tried twice before in a span of 200 years to RULE the WORLD and came VERY CLOSE! Once during Napoleon and once during WW 1. They came EXTREMELY close to gaining the world both times!" (
If I might use one of my Lord's favorite lines, "Those who have ears, let them hear."
Because some members of Charles Russell's family had been proclaiming him to be someone very special in the eyes of God, chosen from birth, who knows but that this is indication that Illuminatists had been planning to use a Russell at the helm of their New World Order. Russell had denounced all denominations but his own, and had called his organization "International Bible Students Association," as though anticipating a global teaching career in which he would become renown as the spiritual giant of the world. In fact, he claimed to be an angel in the book of Revelation. Charles was a nutty pyramidologist, and a Freemason, if that tells you how qualified he was to be an Illuminatist.

The following quotes begin to show that the Rossels were in Britain in the early Templar period, and that they were associated with the Normans, as had been the Templars/Crusaders:

The surname "Russell" began to appear in Irish records after the Anglo-Norman invasion [1066] and is now numerous in Ulster and Leinster. It is derived from an old French word denoting a red-haired person and is also an anglicized form of the French Protestant surname, Rossel (
I don't take the "red-hair" meaning of "Russell" too seriously, and the French origin of the name is in dispute against an alternative Norman view:

[Russell] is probably derived from "rous" meaning red and early bearers of the name no doubt had red hair - and were probably of Norman or French extraction. While the name is by no means confined to Scotland, it is within the top 50 most frequently found names in the country...The name is one of the earliest surnames recorded in Scotland, the first being a Walter Russell who witnessed a charter in Paisley Abbey some time between 1164 and 1177" (
After recognizing the distinct possibility of modern Russells having an important Illuminati role, I was shocked upon learning that one of the original nine Templars was named, "Rossal." And behold, for years, the Chairman of the Rosslyn Chapel Restoration Committee has been an Andrew Russell. Coincidence? Or might "Roslin" itself have been named after the Rossals?

The Templar known by the name of "Rossal" may very well have come to Scotland with Hugh de Payen (1128), for I read in some cases that all nine Templars returned west, from Jerusalem, when Hugh returned. In fact, Rossal may have been from Scotland in the first place, for, as early as the 1200s, there was in northwest Scotland (i.e. in the Highlands) the village of Rossal.

There was both a Ross clan and a Rose clan in early Scotland. Therefore, either the Rossels/Rossals could have been related to either one. The Ross and Rose clans were also in the Highlands; "Rose" is pronounced "Ross."

In the next few chapters, I will go a long route to show that the Rosicrucians descend from the Roxolani, where the "Rox" is a variation of "Ros," and where the suffix, "olani," refers to the Alan Huns, a peoples descended from the Biblical Gogi. In other words, the Roxolani were a mix of Rosh and Gogi blood. It was only after coming to this conclusion that I noticed the similarity between "Roxolani" (alternative "Ros-Alani") and "Roslin," especially "Rosalin." Thus, while "Rose Line" may be derived from "Roslin," the latter may be derived from the Roxolani.

It must be said that the Stewarts, or Stuarts, who provided many British kings, now wish to place a Stewart descendant at the head of the European Union. In fact, the controversial book, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, in which we find the theory of the Rose Line, promotes this modern Stewart quest to rule. The question is, how do the Stewarts have anything to do with the Rose Line?

My story in the next few chapters also touches on the Drummonds and other Highland clans who vehemently supported the Stuart kings. Moreover, you will see that the Drummonds are related by blood to the Rosses in a way that you could never guess, and you will be invited to consider that "Ross" is not a proper name, even as "Stewart" is not a proper name, but that "Ross" was devised to represent the Ros(e) Line of the Drummonds. Because "Stewart" was devised from "steward," the Stewarts may have been the stewards of the Ros(e) Line.

Walter fitz Alan's descendant, another Walter, married the daughter of Robert Bruce I, and together they had a daughter who married Robert II. Thus, Robert II was the first Stewart king. The Robert Bruces (there were several of them prior to Robert I) not only served the Norman and Viking rulers, but had married St. Clairs and were thereby descendants of the Rollo Vikings. It's not too hard to spot the "Rus" in Brus, Brussi, or Brusse, the proper spellings of "Bruce," but this is not to say that there is definitely a connection.

It's interesting that Alan fitz Flaald, the father of Walter fitz Alan (above), was Seneschal of the archbishop of Dol in Brittany (his ancestors were Seneschals to the counts of Dol). "Seneschal" means "High Protector," and is synonymous with "High Steward." What on earth was that family protecting and managing in Brittany (modern France) prior to doing the same in the Scottish royal courts? Did it have anything to do with protecting a bloodline in Brittany. I note that the brother of Alan fitz Flaald, also Alan, went on the first Crusade to Jerusalem...which was an attempt to place Godfrey de Bouillion on the throne of Jerusalem.

There are those who would want you to believe that the Stewarts descend from the Merovingians, the Fisher kings...and all the way back to Jesus and his mistress. Obviously, this little tale was fabricated to hide the real roots of the Seneschals.

The Ross clan was early "de Ros," and, prior to being in the Highlands, the family was situated on the west coast of Scotland due west of Roslin in Ayrshire. The Stewarts were right next door. But so were the Drummonds, at Drymen!! The Rose clan was also there, in submission to the Rosses. When the Rosses moved north to Ross-Shire, they lived in the midst of the Roses there, and mingled blood. It was discovered that the Roses had similarities to the Roos family in England, and of course "Roos" evokes "Rus."




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