Preface and Legal Notices:

This book deals with a subject tha may be illegal in many countries. (However, many countries do allow polygamy). It deals with instructions by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupäd (referred to in this book by the affectionate title used by his followers, “Çréla Prabhupäd”). Based on his teachings and Vedic injunctions the book makes arguments showing why polygamy should be allowed in society.

The aim of the book is to seek changes in the society’s perception of polygamy and the unfair laws which prohibit it. Polygamy is based on high moral, social and religious principles. As with any religious marriage it is a religious rite and should be protected by the Constitution or law of the land. It is directly supported by many injunctions in the Vedic literature, most notably the Manu Samhita. Therefore to prohibit it is an unfair discrimination and violation of our religious freedom.

The views and opinions presented herein are not necessarily the formal and official views and opinions held by the legal International Society for Krishna Consciousness (referred to as ISKCON) temple entities or the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust publishers (BBT) or the Governing Body Commission (GBC) of ISKCON. Other than the references of Çréla Prabhupäd’s quoted teachings, which represent his teachings and instructions, all other views and opinions are those of the author.

This book is Copyrighted 1995-2001 by Ameyätmä däs except for Çréla Prabhupäd’s quotes which are taken from the BBT VedaBASE Folio and are copyrighted by the BBT.